A Little Pre-Holiday Cheer from Shutterfly

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So Christmas is around the corner.  I’m not sure if you were aware or not.  Maybe the Santa Clause standing next to the Grim Reaper tipped you off?

At any rate, this is the time of year when we all begin to prepare for the holidays.  Despite the fact that I keep up with most everyone I know online, one of my favorite traditions remains: Christmas Cards.

I love receiving them and I love sending them, despite the hassle of addressing labels.  So imagine my delight when Shutterfly contacted me and asked if I would promote their holiday line of Christmas cards.  In exchange, I will receive some free cards and I have the great opportunity to offer three of my readers 25 free cards!

I browsed through Shutterfly’s selection of cards and I was more than thrilled with the broad array they have to offer.  There are tons of beautiful selections where you can add anywhere from one to six photos plus a customized greeting.  In addition to the cards, you can also do a bit of Christmas shopping through Shutterfly.  They have some wonderful personalized gifts that would be perfect for the adoring grandparents in your lives!

So, here’s how to enter to win 25 Holiday Cards from Shutterfly:

– Visit the Shutterfly website and browse through their holiday collection. Then leave me a comment and tell me one of your favorite Christmas memories.  (Or you could just leave me a comment that says I wanna win! Either way is fine – but I’d love to hear Christmas memories…)

You can earn more entries by doing the following:

– Tweet about this contest and leave me a second comment telling me you tweeted.  It could say something like, I’m a Twit who Tweeted! or more simply you could just leave a comment that says Tweet!

– Link to this contest on Facebook and come back and tell me that you did so and earn a potential third entry.

– You can also send me an email saying you would like to be entered if you’re not the commenting type.  My email address is kellistuart00 (at) hotmail (dot) com.

I will choose the three winners via random.org on October 30.

Disclaimer: This is a promotion sponsored by Shutterfly.  In return I received free holiday cards of my choosing.  I was not paid for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I won’t have time to browse their collection until tonight, but I would love to win! 🙂

  2. Ok, I love, love, love, love, love Christmas. And so far, my favorite Christmas was last year. Jeremy (my husband) had been gone in Afghanistan the previous year and our ’09 Christmas was basically the saddest time of my life. But! Christmas of ’10 was glorious! Jeremy was home and my parents were in town and somehow it was the happiest Christmas we’ve had. Jeremy was so funny that year. I think missing out on all our traditions the year before had him really amped up. He made our traditional cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning from scratch, he hung Christmas lights on every single surface he could find, he danced with me in the living room to Bing Crosby Christmas music…and the kids were so flipp’in adorable. Chase, our youngest, still didn’t “get it” (He was 22 months) and was his ornery self. He would only open one present at a time and then would scream if we tried to get him to open anymore presents because he just wanted to play with the one he had opened. We laughed and we laughed. We also did something really cool; we went to Bellevue Square near Seattle and saw an outdoor Christmas parade. They made it “snow” (think frothy bubbles) and we saw toy soldiers and all sorts of fun Christmas characters parade down the streets to a real drummer boy line! It was magical. And I looked at all the Christmas cards on Shutterfly and can’t flippin’ decide which one I like the best! They are super cute this year!

  3. Linky-do on Facebook!

  4. Oops. Left my comment on fb. Love you and thus give away.

  5. Got the link to this from Tiffany Nevil . . . I’m always in for a chance at free Christmas cards, and I love Shutterfly! 🙂 I absolutely LOVe Christmas, too, and so does my hubby . . he is so cute about decorating the house; I love it! Probably one of my favorite Christmases so far was a couple of years ago when we had two different Christmases with foster kids in our home. It was so great to be able to share about Jesus’s birth to these kids who we didn’t know if they would hear it again after they left our home. One year, we had a 5 year old boy, who was an absolute delight, and the next year, we had a 7 year old girl and 6 year old girl . . . also super great kids! i miss those days… Thanks for entering me in your drawing!

  6. Ok…I am done with my ‘work of the day’ and can now write a Christmas memory! I grew up in Venezuela and one Christmas Eve stands out in my mind. I relive it every single year. I was probably about 6 and we were having a candle light service. There were several languages represented in our small congregation…Spanish, English, Italian and German. As the service came to a close, my dad asked the German family to sing “Silent Night” in German. Then the Italian family to sing it in Italian. We sang in it English and then everyone raised their candles and sang in their native tongues…..all 4 languages blending together. It was the most beautiful moment ever!

    Not a Christmas Eve goes by that I am not transported back to that moment 40 years ago and tears always stream down my face. I cannot wait until we are all before the throne and every nation tribe and tongue sings together. As beautiful as that night was, I know it was only a foretaste of what is to come!

  7. Hey Kelli –
    Did a certain old neighbor of yours who followed you down to the same fun-in-the-sun city (and she shall remain totally anonymous…) ever tell you about the year she put up a new Christmas tree and called my parents in tearful frustration that this tree looked pitiful – worse than your average Charlie Brown tree – only to find out from my parents who came to the rescue of her 911 call that she had put the branches in upside down…. Oh yes, I just did tell you (and your bloggy world) that story 🙂 THAT is why I LOVE my sister and Christmas!! By the way, last I was on Shutterfly a lot of their cards were also 20% off! Worth a look everyone! I always love me some cards… Thanks, Kelli!

  8. One of my favorite memories is from when my brother and I were just 6 and 8 years old. My parents moved a couch into the hallway to block us from getting to the Christmas tree too early. We were notorious for waking up early so my parents took it into their own hands to make sure we didn’t get to the tree before they woke up! It worked and I can still remember the smile on my parents faces when they realized their plan had worked! 🙂

  9. We celebrate Hanukkah, Shutterfly has a great selction of card to send to our family and friends. my fav. memory is eating cookies and choclet with the Rabbi , and singing songs when i was a kid.. those were the days..

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  11. One of mine is from when I was in college but my youngest sister was only 5 or so. All of us siblings gathered outside our parents’ room with a cd player and then walked in playing and singing along to Rich Mullin’s song: “You gotta get up, you gotta get up, you gotta get up… it’s Christmas morning!”

  12. Jennifer B. says

    I like the Still Believing card. I love that they have a decent selection of “religious” cards.

  13. I heart Shutterfly. and free cards. 🙂

  14. One of my favorite memories as a kid was actually a tradition. We were not allowed into the family room (where the gifts were) until everyone was ready. That meant everyone dressed and photo ready — even mom. It was PAINFUL waiting what seemed like an eternity for mom to get ready (every year). When she was finally ready, Dad would video and she would take pics as we ran into the room to get our first glimpses at what Santa left behind.

    Now I am the mom, and I insist everyone be photo ready before presents (esp me!).

  15. Tweet tweet 🙂