The Photo Session

They’re so cute.  Seriously – I’m not sure how it is that I bore such adorable children.  But adorable they are. 



Oh wait, no…that’s not the right photo.  Hang on…


That’s more like it…

Or how about this shot?


Wait, wait, wait…

That’s not the photo I was looking for.


Much better.

Okay…so the photo shoot didn’t go exactly as planned.  I did, however, snap a couple of decent pictures of all three as well as a few individual shots.  I also fed them pancakes (yes, I bribe my children into letting me take their picture. I’m not ashamed) and I let them hunt for seashells. 

All this before 9 am.

Her hair is nearly white.  The cuteness is overwhelming...

Her hair is nearly white. The cuteness is overwhelming...

He's playing air guitar.  Of course...

He's playing air guitar. Of course...

OMG! Freckles!

OMG! Freckles!


  1. http://bebe says

    I thought the pictures were adorable, and I love, love, love freckles!

  2. http://Anne%20S says


  3. http://Anonymous says

    yep, they are cute all right. and I am a sucker for freckles. eli has a bunch right now and I just want to eat him up!

  4. http://diane%20stolzberg says

    Isn’t life great. Precious moments with precious kids !!

  5. we sure are missin those sweet faces around here!! Hurry up and get back already!!!

  6. http://Anonymous says

    I love these photos!!!!!!!! Tia’s dress is soooo cute-I love it! They truly are adorable children! (= Love you guys!