A Girly Girl, She is Not




She is sugar and spice and everything nice, but she also has a bit of frogs, snails and puppy dog tails in her.

Or, you know, night crawlers.



  1. Paige is the exact same way, she LOVES snails! 🙂

  2. What am I talking about, she loves worms! She hasn’t ever seen a snail. You through me off with your last line up above and I wasn’t thinking.

  3. Tia,
    Don’t you dare put that worm in your mouth!!!! I don’t want to have wormy kisses when I get there tomorrow! Can’t wait to see you and your family. We love you guys so much.

  4. candy martin says

    My little Doodlebug! Hmmmm, I do remember another little girl who was a bit of a tomboy, although I do not remember you ever picking up worms!! She is a cutie pie.