My Stud Muffin with his Stud Muffie

I can’t get enough of watching Landon handle a ball.  From what I hear, he’s better at two than his daddy was, which is apparently a big deal.  It’s just so fun to watch him get hold of a basketball and start dribbling.  He is now starting to run and dribble and he gets a very intense look on his face when he does it.  I love that the child who was named after his dad (his middle name is Lee) is so much like his dad.  And I love watching the kids play with their dad.  Landon shares his daddy’s love and skill in basketball.  Sloan shares his dad’s love and skill in golf.  And Tia shares her dad’s love for competition.  They all got a little bit of him.

As you can see, Daddy gets a bit intense about dribbling a ball.  So much so that sometimes he has to be reminded to share.  Ha!

My husband is hot.  S’okay – you can agree with me.  🙂

I found this picture on my computer this morning and it made me smile.  I love my family…



  1. Nicole H says

    Wow! They’re both good! I can’t believe how well Landon dribbles that ball! At two? Wow!

  2. Landon IS amazing at dribbling!! I can see you playing this video on ESPN after he becomes PRO and seeing where it all began!!

  3. How fun to watch Lee dribbling again, and how exciting that Landon has that same love for basketball. That kind of love and ability only comes from God. Love these videos! Thanks for sharing! Mom

  4. He has a future on the BAYLOR Basketball team- teach him how to rebound now 🙂

  5. hailey always loves watching the videos of your kids. she wants to watch them again and again and again. after this one she said “mommy, i’n pay baffadall!” (i wanna play basketball!)

  6. Melissa – I taught all three kids the Sic ‘Em bears chant yesterday. Soon I will teach them That Good Old Baylor Line. I’m counting on a good scholarship so that we can send him on his way to help lead Baylor to an NCAA final in 16 years! 🙂

    Stephanie – so fun. I can’t wait for them to meet at Whitney’s wedding this summer!

  7. Yep…I do agree with you…your hubbie is HOT!

  8. But would you say, Jeremy, that he is a sexy beast? I’m just curious…

  9. YES.


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