My son the ‘Playa’

Sloan, my adorable, precocious, too-big-for-his-britches six-year-old, is well known for his fabulous, fantastic Quotable Quotes.  And he’s popped up with a few doozies the last couple of days.  So, without further ado, I give you Sloan…

Image taken by Becke at Lulu Photography

Image taken by Becke' at Lulu Photography

Yesterday, as he was playing LEGO Star Wars on the Wii (his new obsession), he sat on the couch defeating level after level, all the while singing (to the tune of Star Wars), “I-I-I am Awesome, am Awesome.  I-I-I am Awesome, am Awesooome.”  And on and on it went.  I’m glad he’s confident, but perhaps we nee dto work harder on not being boastful?

Last night, as we sat on the couch watching American Idol, Sloan leaned up against me.  “Hey Mom and Dad,” he said.  “Are you thinking what I’m thinking RIGHT NOW?” 

Me: “Probably not.  What are you thinking right now?”

Sloan: “I’m thinking I would like to have a party with no boys…just 1,000 girls.”  And a smile spreads across his face.

Me: “Why would you want to have a party with 1,000 girls?”

Sloan (his head nodding up and down all sassy-like): “So I could be by myself with 1,000 girls,” he answered grinning widely.

Lee: “Not me, man.  I’d want to have a party with 1,000 boys so we could play ball and have light saber fights.  That sounds like more fun.”

Sloan, shrugging his shoulders: “Yeah, I would like that too…But I still want to have a party with 1,000 girls.  Oh yeah.”

I feel the need to remind you all once again that he’s six.  Oy…

Then, this morning, as the kids were eating breakfast Sloan leans over to Tia and says, “Tia, you’re hot.”

Tia: “No I’m not.  I’m not hot, I’m cold.”

Sloan: “No Tia – hot means you’re pretty.  It’s like what boys say to pretty girls.  They say, ‘Dude, that girl’s hot!

I…*sigh* There are just no words.  Except, perhaps – Will you pray for me?

And now, here is a video of my other “playa.”  Landon is going to be our baller.  The kid is freakishly coordinated with a basketball already.  He can dribble extremely well for a two year old and even after shooting the ball can immediately pick it up and start dribbling without missing a beat.  He is nothing short of obssessed with balls and would play all day long.  I watch him and Lee play ball together and have to laugh at the pure joy that takes over Lee’s face.  Here is evidence.


  1. Lee, if you want to know what you use to do when you were 2 and older, just watch this precious little guy. You almost always had some kind of ball in your hand. Dad knew early on that you were going to play basketball because of dribbling and shooting so well, and because your hands were so big. You may have a ‘chip off the ole block’, or ‘the apple falling close to the tree.’ Kelli, thanks for sharing. However, this is the only video we got. Was there another one?

  2. Sloan IS already a charmer!!! Brooke told me just last week that they kiss sometimes when they play. I said, You do??? She says, well yeah…we HAVE to we’re married, he’s the daddy and I am the mommy. OH.

  3. Uh-oh! 🙂 Sloan has told me that he wants Brooke to be one of the 1,000. Hope she’s up for a little competition.

  4. candy martin says

    We just had a talk about this and he now has it down to 13 and has invited another boy. He tells me they are just going to run from the girls and promised me he would not let them kiss him. I do believe you may have a real romeo on your hands, Kelli.

  5. have two boys older than Landon- who both try their skills at basketball- Landon is really talented. Half the kids on Parker’s bball team ages 4-6 couldn’t even dribble.


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