Wherein I leave you with more photographs

Today, as the temperatures are hovering in the teens, I am longing to be back in this lovely place.  Yes, loooooonging…

Turks and Caicos '09 021

This adorable little boy will be two in five days.  Excuse me while I go sob in the corner for a bit.

Christmas 2009 019

Turns out Tia has a knack for gymnastics.  After only a few weeks of lessons, she was bumped up to a more advanced class where she is the only three year old in a group of four and five year olds. 

She’s perfected her cartwheel and now does it off our ottoman whilst pretending that it is a balance beam.  She is freakishly strong and has no fear.  But really, does this surprise anyone?  Remember this picture, which I took when she was not yet two years old?

Kids Winter '08 017

Then, of course, there was this post which described the catalyst for us actually signing her up for a gymnastics class. 

Mmm-hmm…We’re not shocked that she’s got some talent in the gymnastics arena.  Unfortunately, she’s going to be way too tall for the sport, but we’ll let her keep it up for as long as she enjoys it.

And speaking of Tia – wasn’t it just yesterday that she looked like this standing next to her not yet four year old brother?  She is now less than two months away from being four herself.

If anyone has discovered a way to make time stand still, please pass on the secret.  Pa-leeeeaaase.

Kids Winter 051

And this one just because.  Oh he’s yummy…

Happy weekend everyone!

Summer '09 020


  1. Now be honest Kelli! Would you really want to be at that ocean in 70-80 degree weather as apposed to this wonderfully cold, possibly snowy, Christmas weather???

    The pictures are adorable! Just one more week and we’ll get to see all of you! I can hardly wait.

  2. Yes, Barbara, I really would. I’m over the cold, white Christmas thing. Been there, done that. I haven’t however, spent holidays in the islands. I believe that’s an experience I need to have. 🙂

  3. Sorry, Kelli . . . if I had ever figured out the secret to stopping time and keeping the kids at those wonderful ages, I’d have surely used it myself. If I’d done that, though, I would have missed out on baseball games, soccer games, swim meets, choir concerts, band competitions, field trips, graduations, grandchildren, and a level of pride and joy that, otherwise, I might never have experienced . . . I’m just saying!

  4. Kelli!

    I LOVE your site and out new friendship! You are fabulous…and I’m leaving you a comment! My braaaainnnn told me to do it! 🙂