To my son on his birthday

Today marks two years since Landon entered our lives.  I’m filled with recollections of that day.  The snow, the cold, the quiet hospital room, the super easy labor, the painful delivery, and the weight of my son as he was laid on my chest.

It is never far from my mind how close we were to losing Landon.  I will never be able to escape the memory of watching his little figure kick and dance on the ultrasound as the doctor explained to me the signs of miscarriage and the likelihood of that happening.

I’ll never forget the fear I felt driving home that day knowing that my child was perfectly healthy, but my womb might fail.  It was true terror.

And yet here he is.  I am filled with such gratitude that the Lord sustained my body and brought his life to fullness here on earth.  Because he is one spectacular little boy and he is by far the best Christmas gift I’ve ever received.

And so, on this day, I share a few things that I want my son to know as he continues to grow.


You are loved.


You have an older brother and sister that adore you.  Lean on them for protection, wisdom, understanding and companionship.

Lee surprise 35th 051

You will, however, need to know how to defend yourself.  I’m proud to say that you’ve already begun using the word “No” liberally, particularly with your sister. 

You’ve also learned to hold your own in a wrestling match with your brother.

Lee surprise 35th 049

If, when you are three, your sister comes to you and asks if she can cut your hair – RUN.  Run away screaming.  Heck, call 911 if you need to.  Just don’t let her near you with scissors.

And if she ever asks you to cut her hair – again, run for your life. Seriously – get the heck out of there.   Just trust me on this one.

Your older brother will be your protector.  He will be your best friend, your mentor and another model in your life.  He’s a great kid.

Fall '09 068

Your sister also adores you.  She will be the one that you will torment as the years go on, but she will also be fiercely protective of you.  Just make sure you look after her too.

Summer '09 270

You are more than content to have a sippy cup in one hand and a ball in the other, but one of these days you’re going to need to start eating.


You have a love of sports that is uncanny for your age.  Particularly the sports that involve a ball.  Your daddy is thrilled.

While you love all sports, you show a particular affinity for football, which makes me a little nervous.  If you see me with my eyes squeezed shut at your games one day, don’t be offended.

Your second love, however, is basketball.


If you want a model of Christ, look to your daddy.

Summer '09 008


If you need advice, tap into your daddy’s wisdom.


You also have two grandfathers who are full of wisdom.  Know them and listen to them.  You will be a wiser man for it.

Boss and L BW

Christmas '08 108

But just know, without a shadow of a doubt, that if you ever need a hug, I’m here waiting.  I will snuggle you close for as long as you will let me.  And as you grow, I will continue to love you unconditionally.


You are my miracle baby, forever and always.

Happy Birthday, Landon Lee.



  1. Very sweet! You have such a way with words it brought tears to my eyes and got me all choked up!! Glad to see there is at least one picture with his Mama. 🙂 I remember praying for you during your pregnancy and you all are not the only ones who are thankful for that little boy, he is precious! Happy Birthday Landon!!
    Miss Julie

  2. What a great post! It makes me love Landon and his family even MORE!!! Um…p.s. you look amazing after JUST GIVING BIRTH!!!
    You’re awesome friend!

  3. Happy Birthday, Landon!!

  4. Happy Birthday Landon! We will be there Friday to celebrate your birthday. I can’t wait to see you. Grandmother, and Uncle Zach wish for you a very special birthday today, and send lots of hugs and kisses with Papa and Bebe.
    We love you!

  5. Happy birthday, little boy! You also should know that you are so blessed to have such wise parents. You are a lucky boy and may this perfect luck be at your side at many moments of your life. Hugs from your Ukrainian aunt Sveta

  6. What a beautiful post and tribute to your little boy. Your children are all so beautiful. Happy birthday little man!