The Three Wise Men, the Construction Worker and the Lady Down the Street

How’s that for a title?

I don’t have a nice, fancy nativity set.  Actually, a few years ago, I got the Willow Tree Nativity set for Christmas from my mom.  But I think, in an attempt to organize my exploding basement, I may have accidentally thrown it away the very same year I received it.

See – that’s what happens when you try and become organized.  That’s why I choose to remain blissfully un-organized…

We do have, however, the Little People Nativity set and I love it!  I love that the kids can play with it and I can teach them about the birth of Christ without being worried that they’re going to brake or harm a precious heriloom.

I also love that every day as I walk past the shelf where the nativity is housed, there is a new addition to the scene.  It makes me laugh:

There are, of course, the three wise men (one black, one white and one Asian), the Angel, Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, a camel, a donkey and a sheep.  Traditional, sweet, politically correct…


But if you look closely, there’s also an alligator from the Bayou:


A Panda from the Orient who stands alongside some random conductor guy who, I assume, works for Union Pacific:


Then there’s the construction worker and grandma from down the street:


And Lightening McQueen – because nothing says the birth of Jesus like a talking race car:


And, of course, not to be left out – Luke Skywalker and C-3PO have made it into the scene. Because Jesus loves the Jedi just as much as he loves you and me, I am most certain.


At one point there was also an older fella who I believe was Moses from the Little People Noah’s Ark set that graced the stable, but he seems to have wandered off for the time being. And I mean really, can you blame the guy?  If I’d spent 40 days and nights aboard a ship full of animals, I might not want to hang around a stable either…

What I love most about the little scene my kids have created, though, is the fact that no matter how they lay it out – they always have all the characters pointed toward the center – Christ.  And it’s a good reminder of what the season is all about, isn’t it?  It’s about the birth of a Savior who came to save us all.


Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Candy martin says

    Awesome. All the things they care about looking at the newborn king. Jesus must be looking down and smiling!

  2. That’s so funny, and cute!

  3. love it! ours looks very similar…i always love it when the jungle animals join the crew looking at jesus. sometimes in the past there’s even been a zoo train of animals or some construction equipment actually pulled right up to the stable…

  4. Haha! That makes me laugh, Nicole. Makes me think of a tour at the Zoo or something. Hilarious…

  5. Love it!! So great to see it from the very little’s perspective (no pun intended).

  6. Hey at least you have one, that is something that I need to get for our house.

    The house that I was talking about that has all the lights is off Ladue. Take 141 to Ladue, turn right and take Ladue for a while. You will cross over Mason and the house is up on your left, you can’t miss it, it is the one with all the lights!! 🙂 They have a drop box for Toys for Tots, last year they collected 2,000 toys.

  7. I think these precious grandchildren of mine realize that Baby Jesus’ birth was for everyone who desires to worship Him. In their make believe world with toys, what better way to influence those around you than leading them to Christ, and what great preparation for sharing Christ in the days ahead. Thanks Kelli for letting them have a ‘hands on’ Christmas! Give each of them a hug for me.

  8. P.S. Sending out Christmas cards was the greatest stress for me at Christmas, because just to sign a name on the card, to me, was meaningless. So, I felt like I had to write a mini letter which took a long time. So, I gave up that tradition (about 30 years ago), and started a new one. I decided I would write a New Year’s Newsletter. Great idea!! It lasted one year! But I still think it’s a good idea, and has brought such stress release. Try it!

  9. Down here alligators and nativities not all that rare. I actually passed a house the other day that had lit up alligators and their lit up manger on their front lawn. Tell your kids to move on down to the bayou!

  10. Melissa – that is funny. That’s really, really funny. 🙂


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