What I’m Listening To…

I’m sorry it’s been a boring week around here.  Between the rehearsals for the Christmas musical, regular choir rehearsals, russian school and all the crazy in between I’ve pretty much been knocked flat this week.

This song has been ministering to me big time lately.  Have I ever mentioned my deep love for the group Selah?  I’m only mildly obsessed with their music and have been since college.  And Amy, the lead vocalist?  Oh her voice – it’s spectaclular.  I could listen to her sing all day.  And Todd – the lead male?  Yeah, amazing.  And he actually sounds like a man when he sings, unlike so many male artists these days.  Big bonus!

Anyway, if any of you are struggling with a situation that feels hopeless, listen to this song.  The words are so powerful.  There really is nothing that God can’t redeem.  Though we may feel unfulfilled or unrestored, God has all the power to Redeem even the bleakest of moments.

I am so grateful for that hope. 

Sit back and listen to this song once or twince (or five hundred times like I have).  Then go out and buy Selah’s new album You Deliver Me.  Because they are all the awesome!

Now I am off to make a frozen pizza for my kids for the fourth time this week.

Wait, did I just say that out loud?



  1. Oh, thank you, Kelli for sharing a beautiful song. I will listen to it for many times a day from now.

  2. Quesadillas and breakfast are my fall backs and we’ve eaten both twice this week alone! Sheesh! I’ll have to drop by and listen later, but I do recall your love for them….