Easter Blunder

I loved Easter as a kid.  My parents made it a big deal in our house.  There were new dresses and bonnets (for me, not for my brother ’cause that would’ve been weird); baskets filled with goodies magically appeared on the fireplace on Easter morning, and, of course, we headed to church where there was always a feeling of excitement and joy in the air as we celebrated our risen Lord.

I try to create an equal amount of excitment and joy for my kids and it seems to be working.  They had a wonderful Easter weekend filled with family, food and laughter.  We are thrilled to have my brother in town for a little while.  Sloan has been wanting to have a Star Wars party with his Uncle Brett for a long time now, ever since he found out that Brett liked Star Wars when he was a little boy too.  So Friday night we made a cake, got some decorations and watched Star Wars together.  The kids had a blast – and so did the grown-ups!  We even played pin the voice box on Darth Vader.  It’s a slightly odd way to celebrate Easter weekend, I’ll admit.

On Easter Sunday, I got up at the crack of dawn to make sure I had everything ready for everyone because I had to be at church by 7:45 to prepare for morning worship.  By 7:15, everyone was dressed and the obligatory photos were taken.  The Easter Bunny left a note the night before telling the kids that he took their baskets to Boss and Bushka’s house (my parents) so thankfully we didn’t have to deal with that. 

Here are our sweet Easter photos:

Dress #1

Dress #1

Tia in her Easter bonnet, which she didn't want to wear because she was a fraid it would mess up her hair.

Tia in her Easter bonnet, which she didn't want to wear because she was afraid it would mess up her hair.

The Brothers Stuart: Aren't they handsome?
The Brothers Stuart: Aren’t they handsome?

My babies

Dress #2
Dress #2

What’s with Dress # 1 & 2, you ask?  Well, therein lies the blunder.  After I left for church, with my brood dressed and ready to go, I got to church anticipating their arrival at the 9:00 am service.  But, my dear readers, my husband made a classic male mistake. 

Because they were ready so early, he decided to swing through Starbucks on the way to church.  And, because he was feeling so joyous and relaxed, he decided to bless his children by getting them hot cocoa. 

Oh yes he did!

Somehow he forgot that our daughter is the. messiest. child on planet Earth.  Thus, when they pulled into the church parking lot and he glanced back, he noticed she had spilled hot cocoa all down her dress.

So he took her home where he frantically tried to get the stain out of the Easter dress that I had so lovingly picked out – much to no avail.  Thus dress #2.  We are still working on the stain on the other dress.  *sigh* Boys.  Oh well – after I got over the initial annoyance, I actually found the situation quite amusing because only a daddy would think that giving a child hot cocoa in the car in her Easter dress was a good idea.  Lee was sheepishly apologetic and we’ve been laughing about it since.

Hope you all had wonderful Easters filled with joy and laughter, and minus irreparable stains.

*sorry about the photos not all  being in order. I get the distinct impression that WordPress might hate me.  I’m still learning.


  1. hahahaaaaaaaaaaa oh boy!

  2. We didn’t see you yesterday. We were in Quest but thought we would run into you. So Happy Late Easter. At least you’re close enough to run home and get “back up dress #2.”

  3. Dave Lipscomb says

    I put lids on drinks for ME in the car, so I’ll never make that mistake haha

  4. Classic guy thing. He will never live it down. Every year it will be, “remember that Easter when…” Tia doesn’t look too scarred from it. 🙂