The St. Louis Zoo

The amazing spring day yesterday made for spontanaity when the younger kiddos and I met up with a friend for a last minute trip to the Zoo.  I love our Zoo – it’s big, it’s beautiful, it’s free… In addition to seeing animals, we also got to soak in the Zoo’s beautiful landscaping.  I just love tulips, don’t you?




I love taking pictures of my kids looking at the animals.  I love how intent and excited they are when they see God’s creation.  This picture just makes me think of childhood.

It also makes me think of this post.  Oy…


Becke, this one is for you.


Have you ever tried to rangle four squirmy children into one small canoe and then sit and smile for the camera?  It’s not possible.  But check out my friend Bethany’s little boy.  How handsome is he?




Tune in tomorrow to hear about how I didn’t die in my race this past weekend.  It included a whole lot of prayer, a bit of will power and the entertainment of a couple of shocking sights.


Wordless Wednesday: Monkey See, Monkey Do

Sloan and an Ape made nice at the Zoo last week.


The Zoo

Tia had school yesterday – Sloan did not.  So I went back and forth about whether or not we should go to the Zoo after Tia went to school or whether she should just skip school and we could go in the morning.

I decided that it wouldn’t kill her to miss a day of preschool, so we headed out to the Zoo around 8:30 yesterday morning.  Best. decision. ever.  The Zoo was virtually empty when we arrived, which is a good thing when you have three kids who all like to run in different directions. 

By 12:15 when we left, however, the Zoo was…well – a zoo!  I knew it was time to leave when every time I turned around to check on Landon (who insists on walking about 15 paces behind us at all freaking times) he was out of my line of sight due to being swept up in large groups of people.  After my third heart attack, I decided to call it a day.

So we bopped out of the park and jumped in our car, which was parked right up front and headed out past the endless line of cars waiting to park. 

New camera pics


There's nothing like pickingyour nose oon a train ride.  You should try it sometime...

There's nothing like picking your nose on a train ride. You should try it sometime...

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Becke', I tried to get a picture of his bootie for you but he wouldn't turn. :)

Becke', I tried to get a picture of his bootie for you but he wouldn't turn. 🙂