He’s Not Always This Cool

Last night Lee and I went to the Grand Opening of Shock City Studios, an amazing, state of the art recording and film editing studio owned and operated by Chris Loesch and parters.  Chris is married to Dana, my blogging guru and co-board member of the St. Louis Blogger’s Guild.

Lee and I were beyond impressed at the set up they have going on at Shock City.  I’ve been there several times due to the fact that Chris graciously donates us free space to conduct guild meetings in their building, but I had never seen the recording booths, sound room and editing room.  I was seriously in awe.

Recently, Shock City was named one of the top 16 new studios in the world by Mix Magazine, and after last night, I can see why.  It is a mighty impressive place and all involved in bringing that dream to fruition have every right to be very proud.

Because we were so close to downtown and I was wearing a kicky little dress that’s a wee bit short, which means I don’t get to wear it often, we decided to head toward the Arch and get a bite to eat.  Only neither of us were hungry so we drove around for a bit and finally settled on Lumiere Place, a huge Casino and hotel.

We tried our hand at the slots and after losing 10 bucks decided that gambling just isn’t for us and headed to a snappy little bar for a nightcap.  But we still weren’t hungry nor did we really feel like spending another 10 dollars per drink on cocktails so we finally just decided to head home.

As we stood up, Lee caught his foot on the edge of the table and started to fall.  Do you know what happens to a 6 foot 2 inch man who starts to fall and can’t get his footing?  Yeah, he just keeps going.

He finally managed to get his feet underneath him, but his head was pitched so far forward that he stumbled to the right, slammed into a table and steadied himself on all fours for a moment before popping back up, all the while splaying menus this way and that.

And what does a sweet wife do when her husband falls on his face in public?  Does she: A) Lovingly pick him up, brush him off and tend to his wounded pride? B) Continue walking at a brisk pace in the hopes that people don’t know she is with him? C) Ask him if he’s okay, then burst into hearty laughter?

Okay, the answer is C (isn’t that always the answer?).  Though options A and B did cross my mind.  I did make sure he wasn’t hurt before I cracked up.  As he handed the now destroyed menus to the waitress, who I’m pretty sure thought he was hammered, he said, “Don’t worry – I’m not always this cool.”

I love that man…

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And stay tuned.  Even though I’ll be gone next week, I am planning on having a few posts scheduled ahead of time for your reading enjoyment.

You’re welcome…