It’s Friday! Let’s Partay!


The bug sprayer came today.  Because I almost died three days ago trying to get away from a cricket in the basement and I called them with instructions to come asap or I would likely leave the house and never return.  We also had a lovely little colony of ants trying to make a home on our fireplace and a few spiders thinking it was okay to seek shelter in our living room. 

Let it be known, I don’t run a hotel for critters. 

Tia has a friend over and Landon is fulfilling his pesky little brother role by toddling after them and being…a pest.  They are exascerbating the situation by goading him.  I’m pretending I don’t hear any of it.  Because it’s Friday and I figure I deserve the day off from umpiring duties, yeah?  No? 

I am slowly but surely becoming convinced that Landon is never going to get the hang of using the toilet.  I know everyone always says they won’t go to college in diapers, but I’m not all that convinced with him.  The child doesn’t care.  There’s no ambition.  He’s all, Dude I’m cute and I have a smile that melts hearts so who cares if I drop a load in my underwear?  I’ll just grin and squint and go on my merry way because I’m the free spirited third child and that’s how I roll.  Word.

I am still wearing my dotdotdash clothing…have been since Tuesday.  But today is laundry day so I’ll probably wash it so I can wear it all week next week too.  I left my coat at the store the other night so I need to go back and pick it up.  Oh darn…I might need to shop a little more.  Have you had the chance to go yet?  Don’t forget to mention Minivans Are Hot for 15% off!

We’re having dinner with the sweetest of sweet group of friends tonight.  These women have been my accountability group for almost two years now and I love them to the core of who I am.  One of us is moving to Cincinatti in a couple of weeks and we’re having a family gathering to celebrate friendships.  Oh how I’m thankful for these women who have allowed me to pour my hearts out to them every other week and have encouraged me and spurred me on to be better and work harder and love my husband, my children and my God deeper.

I took a picture of myself to show you what it looks like when I I haven’t had a shower in a couple of days.  Do other moms have a hard time showering every day or is it just me?  Don’t answer that.  While I’m on the topic of motherhood (at least I’m sort of on the topic) do any of you moms struggle with mom guilt like me?  I wrote about it the other day at STL Family Life.  I’m trying to take my own advice…

Um…I think I need to go.  I hear crashes, squeals and laughter.  They’re having too much fun.  I need to see what’s happening.  I think I should feed them too because I hear you’re supposed to feed children multiple times a day every day. 

Crazy, huh?