Friday Links

– Shaun Groves wrote this post yesterday that made me laugh out loud.  If you’re not reading Shaun you really should be.  He’s a great writer – genuine and funny.  Plus, who doesn’t love a guy in his thirties with a mohawk, right?  Or is it a faux hawk?  Anyway, read the post.

– Another blogger I love is C-Jane.  Her perspective on faith and God are very different from my own, but I love reading her thoughts, learning more about what she believes and laughing at her posts.  She’s an amazing writer and is very engaging.  She’s a daily read for me.  I particularly enjoyed this post.  (A few Cliff’s Notes: She calls her husband Chup or Chupa, her son is the Chief and her daughter’s name is Ever Jane.  This will help when you’re reading the post.)

– Nicole has an awesome advent plan for her boys.  If I were crafty, I’d be all over this.  But I’m not.  So I just look on in envy…

– A few years ago I had the privilege to work alongside the awesome Dana Loesch.  While doing this I got acquianted with her husband who is a wickedly talented musician and producer.  Recently Chris and his team at Shock City Music filmed this music video to go along with a song that he co-wrote.  Becky Kelly is the singer.  The song is really beautiful as is the video.  It’s a great reminder of what the season is about.  Enjoy.

Happy Friday everyone.  I’m headed into a week of insanity.  Taking deep breaths today. 🙂