To hang or not to hang

For some time (read, two and a half years) Lee has been not so subtly suggesting we hang our television over our fireplace. 

When I say not so subtly, I mean he’s been saying things like, “Hey babe.  We should hang the TV over the fireplace.”

He insists that in order to fully utilize the awesomeness (my word, not his) of our TV, it should be hanging on the wall. 

You know – because it’s a flat screen. (his words, not mine)

This week, he has almost convinced me to give it a try.  But I’m still not sure.  Do I really want my TV hanging on the wall above my fireplace?  How will that look?

Oh my, what to do!

Here are a couple of pictures to give you a visual.  After viewing, please take a moment to vote on the poll.  Because I know that men and women will have different viewpoints on this matter, I’ve included gender specific choices. 

You’re welcome.

This first shot is where the TV is now.  A brief background (because I know you’re dying to know more).  Lee won that TV in a work contest a few years ago.  We had a lovely armoir unit that housed our old, non-flat screen, TV, but the new one wouldn’t fit in it. 

What to do?  We didn’t really want to buy a new TV stand, and I nixed the hangitoverthefireplce idea, so we sawed the top of the armoir off.  Yes, we are indeed hoosiers.

Summer '09 194

This is where Lee wants to hang the TV.  I’m just not sure.  It seems odd to me to have a TV hanging over the fireplace.  What do you think?  Vote below!Summer '09 195