Another Typical Mom Blog Halloween Post

I’ve written a lot of words this last month, so today I’m sharing photos because yesterday was Halloween and this is still a Mom Blog! Capitalize Mom Blog to show respect, yo…

Have a G-R-E-A-T weekend, all! Go eat some candy!


Duck Dynasty


Rock Star Gymnast…of course!



These kids are awesome.

These kids are awesome.



  1. I love you and your kids… but, i don’t understand the face paint. What in the world are Landon and Sloan?

    • Ah…you see, my children like to decide what they want to dress up as at the 11th hour, so costumes are always thrown together. Sloan was Duck Dynasty. I don’t know which guy. I just did the best I could to paint a beard on his face. 🙂 And Landon was a robber. He was supposed to be a baseball player, but then decided he wanted to have his face painted. So, black pants, black shirt and a black hat with face paint made him a robber. That’s the best I could pull out ten minutes before we were to leave to trick or treat. 🙂

  2. WHAT!?!? No photos of that sexy random guy who showed up dressed like my husband?

  3. if someone as adorable as landon came to rob me, I would offer him dinner and warm chocolate chip cookies after he was done cleaning us out!