Delightfully Five

If I could describe this kid in one word, it would be DELIGHT. Parenting him is a delight. He is a delight. Loving him is a delight. Last night, I kissed the four year old goodbye.

Today, I welcomed a five year old.

Dear God, I love this kid.

Humor me as I walk you down memory lane…







Side note: I’m sorry I ever dressed you like this. It was wrong, but sweet heavens it makes for awesome pictures…













Ah! That smile! And those freckles!


Happy Birthday to the most delightful 5 year old I know!

(Now please, for the love of all things holy, stop growing. Just stop. Enough. Stay right here…)


  1. He is a delight indeed, Kelli!!! I adore that sweet smile and funny freckles. He is a piece of huge Joy. Happy Birthday, dear boy!!!!

  2. Happy birthday! We dressed our oldest in an outfit like that also, he did not smile it was more of one of those looks like “why are you doing this tom me” he hates to see the picture now that he is near 30.

    • Haha! Yes, the only redeeming quality of that unfit is the humiliation it will bring him as a teenager and adult.mwedding video fodder, 🙂

  3. Man…that kid is deliciously adorable! I just want to squeeze him!