The swell of spring and new life awaits

Florida spring is beautiful. Crisp mornings give way to hot days signaling summer’s swift descent. But as we await the sweltering days, I’m struck by the new life springing up around us. Even in Florida, when nothing goes dormant, spring brings a pleasant crop of welcome change.

Spring also means that swimming season is upon us.

Speaking of new life, my cousin Summer brought home her two sons from Ethiopia just five months ago and in a few short weeks she will welcome a daughter into the world. The ladies of the family gathered together to celebrate this much prayed for baby girl last week.

May your weekend be filled with sunshine, flowers and the welcome relief of a warm breeze.


  1. Woman. Your photos are sick.

    • Coming from you, that’s a lovely compliment! Picasa has some awesome new features that makes editing photos super fun! I had so much fun with these.

      And you’ll notice that my still photos always turn out better than the moving subjects. I like photographing flowers. They are so compliant. 🙂

  2. flowers are the best subject…until the wind starts to get involved! Enjoy the “new” over there in Florida-land. Sure wish I could come capture a wave or two or million. Love you. Good luck with your new routine…here’s to marking things off the list and achieving one-two great things instead of a hundred mediocre things. You can do it! Oh, and those are some of your best pics!