I could have danced all night

As the smells of dinner waft through the house and the sounds of love eminate from my iPad, I have to smile. Because Michael Buble singing “Fevermakes me smile. And melt a little. And sigh a lot.

And day dream.

Seriously sexy voice…

I’m sorry – where were we?

I walk to the sink with the intention of cleaning the dishes when he grabs me and spins me around into his arms. “Dance with me,” he whispers and so I do. You don’t say no to six foot two of pure brawn. Am I right?

Sorry.  I just had to take a moment to stop laughing at the pure brawn remark. Sometimes I really crack myself up. It’s terrible…

Seriously, though. I love it when he dances with me after dinner. And secretly, I think the three pairs of little eyes that watch us glide across the tile floor love it, too. I mean, I know they gag and roll their eyes and giggle uncontrollably, but mostly I know that they love to see him sweep me off my feet.

(I am refering to my husband when I say ‘he.’ You know that right? That was clear? Just wanted to make sure.)

“Dip her and kiss her,” the oldest and wisest usually yells and we are always willing to comply as they clap their hands over their eyes and squeal in mock horror.

“Dat’s soooooo gwoss!” the four year likes to yell just before he leaps off his chair and tries to steal me away from the man of my dreams by latching himself to my leg and grovelling for a dance. And what can I say…I agree. I’m a sucker for his freckles.

So I dance with Landon, and he gives me a twirl, then a dip and, if I’m lucky, a kiss.  I catch the eye of my first partner and an unspoken message crosses between us. This is kind of awesome.

Lee then grabs his one and only daughter and sets her on his toes and together they twirl – Cinderella and her Prince. I, being always in high demand (ahem), have a dance request from yet another partner, the dashing eight year old with eyes as blue as the ocean. We spin and dance to the soft music of Harry Connick Jr. crooning through the media, dinner cooling on the plates but joy warming our hearts.

And in a flash, Sloan spins me back in his arms. The arms of the one who swept me off my feet twelve years ago. The one I’ve been dancing with for more than a decade. The one who shares these small people with me. Together we dance as they watch.

They who are our love song.

And I look in his eyes and know that we have a lot of dancing left to do. May it be that we are still dancing fifty years from now, together and with them. And maybe there will be more young eyes watching?

I can’t think of anyone else with whom I’d rather dance through life.


  1. SWEET memories!!!!!!! (I have to ask….are you making an announcement about more little eyes watching? or were you talking about grandkids? 🙂

  2. I thought grandkids too. After I thought, “Nice Kelli, rub it in that all we did was argue about broccoli over dinner here at the Brunner house tonight. Way to rub the best-mom-in-the-world trophy in my face:) J/K

    Love ya lots too.

    • Well there’s plenty of food bickering, too. But a good dance always seems to break up the tension. 🙂

  3. Candy martin says

    Keep dancing Kelli. Your kids will remember this, especially your sons. And some day they will dance with their wives and tell their children about their parents dancing in the kitchen!

  4. Ummm….sweetest thing ever!

  5. That made me cry. Thanks a lot.

  6. My question is…. How did he stop his shoulders from bouncing long enough to kiss you? That always trips me up….lol

    Great post Kelli!

    • Ha! Well played, Rodney. Well played. 🙂

      • Hey Kelly…. Just wanted you to know your dancing posts inspired a post of my own. It is called “I Disco Danced…and I liked it.”

        You should come visit and check it out. I think you will get a chuckle…I also gave you some link love so hopefully some other folks can get the pleasure of reading your rocking blog as well! You can’t have enough hot minivans riding around, right?