Four is More


It all just happened really…





No longer a baby.

Loaded with personality.

“Wiggle your nipples, Dad!” he begged last night.

Different day. Different blog. Definately a story that needs to be told.

Part of me longs for one more day with this baby.

Probably the same part of me that wishes I was still in my twenties…

But mostly, I just really adore this amazing little boy.

This boy who turns FOUR today.

Happy Birthday, Landon.

Visual proof of the personality that keeps us in stiches. Man, I love this kid…



  1. Ha! Karate Kid huh? Love it! I’m right there with you Kelli! My youngest turns 4 at the end of January… Time is flying!

    • Ha! Yes, Karate Kid. Every time we watch that movie my kids are certain that they are masters at Kung Fu and that they can speak Chinese.

      And could we stop with the time flying by?! 🙂

  2. please squeeze him for me and tell him all the stuart gang loves him and can’t wait to see him in person for a real squeeze. hope you all have lots of fun today. (And yes, he was totally born like yesterday!)

  3. OeeeeeeeemmmmmG! That made my morning! 🙂 Happy Birthday Landon!!

  4. The picture of him in the stroller with little man boobs….TOO CUTE! This was a great thing to wake up to (sorry for ending my sentence with a preposition). Give him hugs and birthday wishes from all the Keiters!

    • I think your kiddos loved on him well last night. It made him feel very special. And that is my favorite picture of him to date. Makes me laugh every single time. 🙂

  5. 4 was hands down the FAVORITE age at our house with each and every one of our boys! ENJOY!!!!!!

  6. Wow. That chubby picture of him in his stroller is killer. He has always been a beautiful kiddo. Right from the start. Happy Birthday Landon. You are so great little buddy.

    • I told him you said Happy Birthday and he said “Fanks Mrs. Nevil!” Then I kissed him – once for you and twice for me. He is scrumptious…

  7. Stefanie A. says

    SOOOOOOOO CUTE, Kelli!!!!! I love the video!!!!!!