My new favorite room

The office is nearly complete and I have fallen in love with it.  It all started with the paint which I absolutely adore.  It makes me extremely happy.  Ridiculously happy.  Giddy, even.  My blue walls make me giddy.

I still have a few things to do to make it just right.  I need a plant to cover up the boxes screwed to the wall, which were installed by the previous owners and need to be removed at some point.  Likely just before we decide to sell this house and move again.  Because that’s how we roll.

I also want something to go over the desk.  I’m thinking a mirror, but I’m open to suggestions.  I may get rid of the behemoth black chair, too and get something a little prettier, although that chair happens to be ten shades of comfortable so I may let her stay for that reason alone.

For those of you who are decorating savvy, I am completely open to suggestions.  Do you have any ideas of ways I could make this room even better?  I want people to applaud when they walk in the room.  A rousing round of applause from everyone who visits.  That’s what I’m aiming for.

Pictures of the happy office.



    I tagged this page cuz it is so helpful, but I love one of the last pictures where orange/teal is paired with light blue. You can introduce the accent color in pillows, drapes, random objects, curtains, wherever. I am learning, although I haven’t done it, that a room looks finished with multiple layers. You have your basic layer, floor, furniture, etc, then the next layer of curtains, larger decor items, then the last layer of smaller accents, pillows, throws, creative touches (this is where i seriously lack) so there ya go, love the color too.

    • Thanks for that link! Decorating bookshelves always stresses me out because I feel like they look too cluttered. I love the ideas in that one! 🙂

  2. LOVE IT! You really do not want my decorating advice, but I will gladly bring brownies and we can eat them together while someone else does that! 🙂

  3. Love it!! You know what would be perfect above that desk? A corkboard with some scrolling white woodwork. I’ve seen some at Hobby Lobby (and they always have coupons). If it were mine I’d throw a blue pillow on that chair to pick up the blue in your lampshade, and try a cute tie -up shade from target in white (they’re only about $18). You’re going to love having that chair for reading 🙂 And totally gotta find a flea market chair that’s all girly and put that bad boy at your desk!

    • I love the corkboard idea! I hadn’t thought of that. Um…but I don’t know what scrolling white woodwork means. It sounds awesome, but…

      I seriously don’t have a decorator’s bone in my body. 🙂

  4. Definitely a plant, because nature indoors makes everything a bit better. And photos of all your favorite places on the walls. And maybe a disco ball to encourage you to dance like no one is watching. At which point you will turn around to discover that someone IS watching and then you will have some more fodder for your excellent blog.

    • A disco ball! WHY did I not think of that?! Don’t think I won’t.

      Although, I must say I fear the disco ball will clash with the lifesize poster of Frank Sinatra I want to hang…

  5. I happen to be up and the place that inspired you in decorating your office. Love the blue and the breezy space. Don’t fill it with too much. Use the closet for your books shelves of research boos and keep it uncluttered. I love you and anywhere that leaves you giddy!

    • Your palce was definately the inspiration. I need a sigh inducing Anthropologie chair, I think. And book shelves in the closet is the perfect solution. Because you should see the closet right now. It’s…um…scary.

  6. LOVE the lamp!

    Girl! Get on Pinterest! You definitely need some nice “airy” curtains, maybe a sheer yellow and definitely a plant. You need an accent pillow for the chair too 🙂

    For the wall – find some old picture frames from your own collection or visit a Goodwill. Spray paint them in yellow, red, even a darker blue (going off the colors in the lamp). Go to Michael’s buy wooden letters and paint them white. Spell out your last name – 1 letter per frame. Choose different size letters and frames.

    • Oh, Mel…I need to be tutored in Pinterest. I’m just not getting it. But I also don’t get HGTV so maybe there is just something fundamentally wrong with me? But per your recommendation I will try again. I love the picture frame idea. I do want to pull in more pops of color.

      I’m glad you like the lamp. I got it at IKEA and it makes me smile. I just love pretty things. 🙂

  7. Love of!! Maybe a sot plush area dog in center of the room. Maybe face the desk out so big chair isn’t the focus but the desk is. I too love that lamp!!! Hope you are having a great daygriend 😉

  8. Oh my see what you get with auto correct

  9. Well the Frank Sinatra picture is a big step for you. You had John Travolta on your wall for many years!

  10. I can applaud now. I love that blue colour of walls. It definitely helps imagination grow.

  11. Beautiful, Kelli! Especially the blue walls and the yellow chair. Your office is making me giddy to start working on mine later this month. So nice to have a space, huh? Close to luxury.
    I like the ideas you have planned and the suggestions about the cork board and curtains. You may also consider turning your desk outward, away from the wall so you can look out the window. Or speak to the little voices calling you from outside the door. Well, on second thought…

    • As long as I’m not speaking to the little voices in my head, all is good – right?

      I like that suggestion, though. I found a pretty chair that I’m hoping to buy this week with Christmas money. It would look lovely against the wall. Thanks Aimee! 🙂

  12. I’m applauding, Kelli! Dream of spending some girly time with you in your special space. Emotions are guaranteed.


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