Alternately Titled: I’m Goin’ to the Spa Today!

That’s right.  I’m headed to the spa today to unleash my inner girl.  The one who likes to be pampered and waited upon.  Who wants ice cold water with cucumber slices delivered to her outstretched hand in a slender, cylinder glass.  The one who likes the smell of essential oils.  The one who gets downright giddy at the thought of a facial.

You do remember my post earlier in the week don’t youI know you are all reading my posts diligently each day…

After the spa, I’m going to a hotel where I plan to take a short nap.  Then eat a snack before going to a movie and heading back to the hotel where I plan to sleep blissfully all night without an alarm clock or coughing child to wake me.  From there I plan to meander through getting ready then head to the mall and endure some retail therapy before heading to a swanky dinner. 

Then it’s back to the hotel for a second nights sleep, another lazy morning and the cherry on top: High Tea at the Ritz.

And the best part?

I get to do all of this with my mom.  It’s a little girl’s getaway, only we aren’t going away.  We’re staying in town, which means no travel stress.  Just total relaxation.

My mom and dad leave this month for London where they will spend the next six months galavanting and schmoozing and seeing the world through rose colored glasses…

Okay, that might be a stretch.  Dad’s working in Epsom, about an hour outside of London and mom will be the rock by his side.  Or the wife who takes off on daily adventures whilst he slaves away, anyway.  The glasses may not be rose colored and I’m not sure if my parents know how to galavant, but I do think they’re pretty good a schmoozing.

Or are they good at galavanting and bad at schmoozing? 

At any rate, I am going to miss them.  So mom and I are having one last hurrah before she heads out to conquer the world.  And it couldn’t come at a better time given the fact that I’ve been nursing a sick, sick little boy all week.  Can someone explain to me how Whooping Cough makes it’s rounds in kids when they are vaccinated for it?  I don’t get it…

Yes, Landon appears to have the good old fashioned ‘Hoopin Cough.  We won’t have the official lab results back until Monday, but all of the symptoms say that’s what it is, so that’s how it’s being treated.  Thankfully he slept all night last night because the night before last he was up all. night. long.  It was miserable for everyone, but mostly for him, poor kid.

So mom and I will be out this weekend, acting girly, shopping for clothes.  I also plan to buy up a few essentials for Tia’s fifth birthday party.  An idea is forming in my head.  It involves lots of pink and polka dots and lollipops and mason jars and ribbons.  And tea.  Naturally.  And a group of giggly little girls.

It’s gonna be fun if I can pull it all off, of course.

So with that, I bid you all adeiu.  I’m off to be pampered.  The angels – They are A-singin’!


  1. Sounds blissful, and sounds like you deserve it. Enjoy!

  2. Sounds wonderful and fabulous! Enjoy Kelli! Happy Girly Weekend!

  3. Candy martin says

    I am a master at galavanting and pretty good at schmoozing! I want you and Sloan to come over too! We need to find a nanny!!!

  4. In a word: jealous! Of the galavanting both locally AND abroad!

  5. Enjoy your girly time. you will miss each other greatly. And I miss you… Will we have our girly time someday?