My Christmas Baby


 December 16, 2007

My Christmas Baby.


 The boy who almost wasn’t.

The one who wasn’t planned.

 The sweetest oops there ever was.


 The boy who was adored from the moment he arrived.



 A child of a thousand expressions.

Sloan Russian Concert 023

 Sloan Russian Concert 050

 Joyful and full of laughter.  You light up a room. 

Clearwater Trip, July2008 235

 You’re a mama’s boy. 

 I’m okay with that.

Christmas '08 051

 I’m kind of head over heels for you. 

Landon one year 006

 You have a special relationship with your dad.

 You bond over sports. 

 I love watching this relationship develop.

Summer '09 008 


 You are a lover of baseball, basketball, football, anything with a ball.


Today you are three.


 Not five ( or seven) as you are prone to tell those who ask.


Happy Birthday, Landon.

Lee-Kelli 10 (2)-23

You are loved.


  1. Landon’s birth is the most wonderful event, not planned. He is a wonder, a miracle, a Christmas child, full of warmth and love. I wish I knew him in person. I hope someday we meet and I can give him a hug. I’m also a snuggler. Much love to you both, Mommy and little sweet son.

  2. Happy birthday, Landon!

    (PS…that last picture looks more like Sloan than I’ve ever thought!)

  3. Nicole – I agree. He resembles Sloan so much sometimes, especially lately. 🙂

  4. He is so sweet. I loved getting to know him and the rest of your kids a few months ago. Hailey tells everyone she is five too =)

  5. Happy Birthday, sweet Landon! We will be there tomorrow to give you a great big birthday hug and to celebrate your birthday. We love you!
    Papa and Bebe

  6. Stefanie A. says

    Happy birthday, Landon! I love, love, love that picture of him running on the beach. His hair is awesome and I love his saggy little shorts! What a cutie!!

  7. Too cute Kelli! Happy Birthday Landon!

  8. Awww!!!! Happy Birthday Landon!

  9. Happy Birthday sweet boy! We love reading about this guy.

  10. Hope he is enjoying his day!! Some precious pics!!