Celebrating Christmas

For three or four years now I’ve determined that I would throw a Christmas party for the kids.  I usually come up with the idea around December 24.  Because I’m that awesome.

This year, I determined somewhere around August 25 that I would actually, indeed, for real, throw a Christmas party for the kids.  I planned ahead…in my mind.  In reality, I sent invitations out somewhere around December 12, a whole thirteen days before Christmas. 

I am growing as an organizer.  Try not to be jealous…

If I’m being honest (and I am) I would have to tell you that most of the invitations were sent via email.  The rest were hand delivered.  No stamps.  I don’t believe in them.

So with all of my awesome forethought and planning, I wasn’t entirely sure we would have a large turnout.  But, to my surprise, we did!  And despite the fact that I’ve had a severe bronchial infection (most likely pneumonia – you know…no biggie) I managed to put together a decent enough gathering of children.

Read: M & M’s in a crystal bowl and cake.  I mean nothing was handmade or anything.  Let’s not get crazy, right?

I did print out the story of the Candy Cane and made a cake.  With Betty Crocker’s help.  It was the kids that made this party a delight.  They played, they laughed, they ran and then?  They sat and listened.  And this is where the simplicity of the party was key.  The totally planned simplicity…


They sat and listened as Papa Lee read of Christ’s birth from the book of Matthew.  They raised their hands and answered questions about the manger, the Magi and the wise men.  They discussed why we celebrate Christmas and how we can honor Jesus on His birthday.


Lee did a great job.  He kept it short and sweet but packed in a beautiful lesson.  I was proud of him, and of the kids who managed to sit still and quiet and intent the entire time.


Another reason I was proud?  The kids went above and beyond in giving.  We asked everyone to bring an unwrapped toy to be donated to charity and these families took that seriously.  They purchased wonderful toys, which we will deliver this week.  And as we talked of what Jesus did while He was living on this earth, we stressed to the kids how Jesus gave to others who were in need and how we can do the same.

The sweet hearted children that sat in my living room embraced giving and it brings tears to my eyes to think of their tender, moldable little hearts.  What they gave will be used to bless others.  And it took minimal effort on my part. 

An email and a slice of cake.  Who says we can’t change the world?


  1. That’s awesome kelli. If you don’t mind, i may steal your idea when my kids get a little older =)

  2. Amen! We CAN change the world!

  3. I used to throw a Christmas party for my friends in Kiev. It was our tradition and we always got together around December 25. We used to have a great time together with some points of deep thinking and wisdom. I remember how I lighted the candle and asked everyone to write a their wish-prayer on small pieces of paper. Then I put all these words of heart into my Bible. When I opened the Bible, I prayed for these wishes to come true. One friend of mine wished that his and our family would have babies. And his wife and me got pregnant almost together. Their child is my godson now. It was an special tradition of ours. And when Ulyana was born on our party (we celebrate Christmas on January 7, so it was just our Christmas party), they said she is my special Christmas present for all the warmth and love that I share.
    Now I’m thinking about a Christmas party for kids….

  4. To give credit where credit is due, this wasn’t my idea. I got it from Carol Prosser who I mentioned in my Compassion International post. I’m grateful for godly women who encourage me to pour into my kids. 🙂

  5. Kristina Silverman says

    My husband, who walked past me while I was reading this, said “They are such good Christians.”. Knowing you would disapprove at his statement, I told him he needed to read the post so he knew how things actually came together. His response, “She’s just honest. That makes her more awesome”. Just so you know, Team Silverman is a bunch of fans. Fans who miss you.

  6. love this idea! we’ll have to borrow it next year!

  7. What a wonderful day! I agree that simple is best- the kids don’t need or want anything fancy, just time spent together with people who care and will listen to them. Love your husband’s white T shirt and untied shoes…that’s so cute.

  8. Ha! That’s so funny that you noticed, Joyce. Very typical for him. 🙂

    And Kristina, tell Eric that’s right we ARE good Christians. Tell him how humble we are about it too… 😉

    I wonder how many smiley faces I can use in a single comment? 🙂

    I bet it’s a lot. 🙂

    I’ll stop now. 😉

  9. That sounds like a lot of fun, this must have been what Mike Clutts asked me if we were going to. I am sure the kids got a great lesson out of it.


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