It only took me 20 years

I have lived in St. Louis since I was 12 years old, minus the six years during and after college when I lived in Texas.  And in all that time, I never once visited the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  I’ve seen pictures and heard people rave about what a great place it was, but for some reason, I had just never gone.

Until yesterday.  When I found out how beautiful the weather would be, I quickly packed up the kiddos and headed out the door.  I have since found out that it would have been wiser to wait until today as admittance is free on Wednesday mornings, but other than that little misstep, it was the perfect day to go.  With a high of 84, it was very pleasant.  The kids had a blast looking at all the different flowers and exploring the rocky paths that crossed babbling brooks and quaint bridges.

“It feels like Narnia!” Sloan yelled at one point.  And it kind of did.  You know, minus the giant talking Lion…




We saw the dinosaur exhibit. Landon wasn't sure about the T-Rex...

So he roared at it.

So he roared at it.





I'm fairly certain those fish were large enough to swallow Landon whole - maybe even Tia.

I'm not sure if this was allowed, but my kids can hardly resist climbing a tree.

I'm not sure if this was allowed, but my kids can hardly resist climbing a tree.


Landon with his Justin Bieber hair.


  1. Oh, my, how cool! We wish we were able to join you… I love the picture with all the kids climbing a tree. Miss you much… I dream about our get together with all the kids.

  2. beautiful pics Kelli!! My fav is the b&w one of Landon. That is frame-worthy all blown up!!!

  3. We are going to St. Louis this month for vacation. We didn’t know if our kids would like the botanical gardens. We do plan on going to the city museum, the magic house and a cardinals game. Do you have any other suggestions?

  4. it looks wonderful.

    have sloan seen the movie chronicles of narnia? we’ve been reading the books and i didn’t know if it would be scary for the boys to watch the movie. what’s your opinion?

  5. Hey Anna-
    Yes, we’ve seen chronicles of Narnia. I didn’t think it was scary at all and Sloan really liked it. I don’t remember how Tia felt about it, but it was such a good movie that we actually bought it. I would recommend it for your older boys for sure.

  6. We saw the dinosaur exhibit at Bot Gard too. The kids liked the scavenger hunt part.

    My 6 & 4 year old girls like Chronicles of Narnia and even though there were some intense parts, it’s such a cool story of good overcoming evil in the end, that I never had any problems with them being scared.