I recorded Oprah for the first time ever

I’m going to step out on a limb here and potentially make a few people mad…I don’t like Oprah.


I think she’s a little annoying.  I watch her show maybe once a year (I must say I do like the favorite things episodes because I like all the gadgets) but in general, I don’t waste my time watching her fawn over every guest with her ever changing spirituality.


Last week, however, I did something I’ve never done before.  I recorded an episode of Oprah!  In fact, we rarely even use our DVR.  We always forget to set it up.  (Unless, of course, LOST is coming on, in which case we check, recheck and check again to make sure it’s prepared to catch that glorious hour of television).  But I made a very distinct point last week to set up the DVR to record an hour of Oprah and then I sat down and watched said hour of Oprah.

So what, pray tell, could have been so very exciting that I absolutely had to see it?

One word: GLEE.

The cast of Glee was on Oprah and they were singing, dancing and taking us all backstage.  Oh it was gleefully delicious to watch.  *groan*

Yes, I am addicted to Glee.  It’s a good thing too, because LOST only has six weeks left so I will need a new show to look forward to each week.  Yes, I said NEED

As I watched the adorable cast of Glee do their thing, I couldn’t help but smile…and bop my head…and tap my toes.  I may have even clapped a couple of times.  May.  You’ll never know for sure.  After it was over, I got online to check out the open auditions they were having for Glee because how fun would that be?

You have to be between the ages of 16 and 26.  Shoot.  Just missed the cut off…

Incidentally, the two guys that play Finn and Puck are actually 28 and 29 years old in real life.  Which means that the crush I have on them is totally realistic and not at all inappropriate.  Not like my crush on Zac Efron which boarders on Puma-ish…

Anyway, back to Glee.  It starts again tonight!  And there’s another new episode of LOST on tonight.  Sweet mercy, could life get any better.  Finn, Puck, Sawyer and Jack all in one night.  Smile with me, will you?

Yes, sometimes my life actually is this shallow…


  1. That is so fun that you threw a tea party.

    Just THIS morning I said, “Shane, I want to throw a tea party!” Last night I was sitting in our backyard thinking it would be the perfect setting.

    This weekend I scored a white tablecloth at a yard sale for $2. My latest issue of Romantic Homes had an article on tea parties. Scones, Devonshire cream, Jam, Tea, Cream & Sugar.

    SO, your menu looked off the charts amazing. I’m curius, are lavendar tea cakes hard to make? What kind of tea did you use?

  2. so bummed that i missed oprah! i also never watch her show…but would have made an allowance for the cast of glee! i’ll have to watch for reruns.

    incidentally, we just got DVR and i’m so excited to test it out tonight with glee!

  3. Dr. Estela Hunt says

    I love Glee too! and yes Puck is hot! Never seen Lost… but you go girl I have my TV obsessions too!

  4. you are definitely not a puma- cuz actually the term is a cougar- but nice try 🙂 bummed I missed it.

  5. Au Contrare (no idea if I spelled that right). I have been informed that those in their thirties dating much younger men are referred to as Puma’s. The moniker Cougar is reserved for those in their 40’s. Therefore, I claim Puma! Of course, none of this ACTUALLY applies to me since I am married to a man who is four years my senior. What do they call men who are with younger women? Probably “Playa’s” or something like that. 🙂

  6. Not playa’s….just awesome.

    You are so funny…”just missed it…”lol 😉

    I have not watched glee…my brother does…But I have never seen it. Mainly because I am here..but, even if I were not…there is no way. My Y chromesome wont let me. Zach Efron? wow…I am sorry ..his is in the same caregory for me as the Jonas Brothers:
    Dudes I would open hand slap in the face.

  7. I really hope that did not come off to harsh. UGH…dumb no “renig post button cause you are all worked up over work stuff”…my bad kel.

  8. Whatever Jeremy – Talk to Lee…he’ll give you harsh. 🙂 And, incidentally, I’m not proud of the Zac Efron crush and I don’t even understand it. But I think he’s a doll. I think he’s precious like I think puppies are precious. He he he…

  9. Just got finished watching LOST and Glee, what a great night of t.v. They had some great songs on Glee tonight I am so glad it is back on, it did not disappoint.