No Boys Allowed!

Today was a sad day for the child who bears the X-Chromosome.  It was a day she had been waiting for with great anticipation, but was ultimately not to be…  She was supposed to have her “vewy betht fwend” come over to play for the whole morning.  An entire morning of girly giggles, squeals and squeaks.  Her friend was even going to come with us to watch Tia do gymnastics.  The excitement was palpable.

But her high was crushed at 4:30 this morning when Sloan came tearing into our room, jolting Lee and I out of our slumber so quickly that we almost knocked each other out in our flurry to figure out whether or not the world as we know it was about to end.

Turns out the world was not about to end, but Sloan was just dry heaving and experiencing major stomach cramps.  The kid hates to throw up and avoids it at all costs so in his attempt to not hurl, he completely and totally freaked out causing quite the ruckus.

And nobody really went back to sleep after that.  So we had to cancel the anticipated playdate, which resulted in great weeping and gnashing of teeth.  Had I had tiny sackclothe, I fear Tia would have arrayed herself in such and tossed the ashes of the fireplace over her head.  She rolled on the couch moaning, “I don’t hab anybody to pway wif.  I don’t wanna pway wif my bwudders.  I want to pway wif a Dirl!”  And on and on that went.

I already felt bad for her because I remember as a kid how devastating it was to have plans cancelled.  But as I listened to her wail at the prospect of being stuck with the boys all day long, my heart sank a little more.  I wish she had a sister.  I really do.  I know lots of girls grow up with only brothers (including myself) and they turn out okay, but I do wish she had the companionship of another X.

Growing up, I can’t say I ever remember longing or yearning for a sister.  When I was planning my wedding, I remember thinking it would have been fun to have a sister to talk and laugh with, but other than that I never felt that I was missing out.  Now that I’m grown, though, I really do sometimes wish I had a sister.  Not that my brother isn’t great, because he is, but you know…he’s a boy.  He’s got cooties.  And he doesn’t like to talk on the phone because clearly the Y-Chromosome shuts off a man’s brain when a phone comes into close proximity of his ear canal…

Anyway, I do wish Tia had a sister.  Maybe she will someday.  I won’t say never, because I am not sure God has completely closed the door on the expansion of our family.  In fact, I’m fairly certain He hasn’t, but Lee feels…differently.  Ahem.

Of course, not having a friend to play worked out swimmingly when I couldn’t keep Tia awake past noon due to the fact that she had been up since 4:30 in the AM.  And bonus!  I think we will fulfill the need for girl time tomorrow instead.  Hopefully that will release the pent up giggles that are threatening to end her sweet life as we know it!


  1. sweet. I hope she gets some dirly time soon!

  2. Poor girl and yes I would agree that having sisters is absolutely wonderful. I’m not sure how I would have gotten to this point in my life (including a wedding, a baby and all of the other life experiences thus far) without them. Maybe Tia does need a sister! Go Kelli!!

  3. Poor, sweet and beautiful Tia! My heart melted at the part where she was on the couch begging to play with a “DIRL!”, AH! It’s so precious. What a fun memory to have as a mommy. You’ll have to post pictures if Tia gets her fix. 😀

  4. A bug must be going around the class as Carol said that Brooke was home sick from school today due to some throwing up yesterday! Yikes, kids throwing up, there isn’t anything much worse than that. Good luck!