A video to get you through the weekend

He is now working on dribbling with both his right and left hands. He’s also working on his smile for the paparazzi.

We have visions of a full ride to college and an early retirement when he goes Pro! No pressure, Landon…


  1. Haha! No pressure at all! I love it!

    Cute family you have!


    Check out Frame It Friday! over at Loving This Mom Stuff!
    I’d love to see some of your child’s artwork!

  2. This is great….I am honored to be his great Aunt and will look forward to his celebrity status in the NBA one day. He already has the saggy britches thing mastered as well as finding money along the way. I think he is already famous! Love you guys!

  3. Haha! Aunt Tammy – so true. I hadn’t even thought of that. 🙂 Love YOU guys!

  4. Oh, my! He is amazing! I love him! Thank you for sharing this video.

  5. OMG – could he be any cuter! I was going to comment on the saggy pants…he’s already taken lessons to be sure he fits in just right 🙂

    Have a good weekend!

    As always, thanks for sharing!

  6. Om my goodness! first of all…. I laughed out loud. Second of all… that boy is going to forsure be a basketball player. He was saggin his pants and all! haha. Oh man i loved this!! Thanks for posting!!

  7. I think the music to this video should be “Pants on the ground…” from American Idol…ha! Also you have such a pretty house- I like the colors.

  8. Ummm…that boy can play!

  9. Ok, I too loved this video, (and I’m sure we’ll see it at a commercial break during the big college championship he stars in) but what I’m talking about is that gorgeous hair!

    He is so cute! Chase has long hair too and it is curling on the ends! BE STILL MY HEART! I told Jeremy I am NOT cutting it. He is too gorgeous. So I’m glad to see that Chase will be in good company!

  10. How does Landon call himself? Baba? Ulyana calls herself Nyanya.

  11. Oh Tiffany, I love long haired little boys. We kept Sloan’s hair long for years, but he ended up with such a think head of hair that he was starting to look like a little mushroom. The texture of Landon’s hair is a little idfferent from Sloan’s, so we may be able to pull off longer hair with him. I’m with you – I think it’s adorable!

    Sveta, Tia started calling Landon “Bubba” when he was born because she couldn’t say his name. It’s a nickname for brother and it’s stuck. Everyone calls him Bubba now. 🙂