Battoning Down the Hatches…or something like that.

Well we didn’t get the eight inches of snow they were predicting yesterday (it looks more like 3-4 inches to me) but it’s still flurrying a bit out there so we’ll see what happens.  The kids are enjoying their first ever snow day and right now are all piled up on the couch in their soggy pull ups and diapers watching Micky Mouse Clubhouse.

The weatherman says that the snowstorm is finished (but what does he know?) but our temperatures will be falling throughout the day.  Falling from 17 with a windchill of 1.  They’re saying by midday we should have wind chills hovering somewhere around -15 to -20.  I told you the other day about my extreme hatred for cold weather.  It makes me all flustered and cantakerous.

To compound things, Lee is currently at the airport waiting on a flight to take him to Phoenix for a work meeting.  Phoenix…where it’s warm.  (mutter, mutter, grumble, grumble)

So, like Ma Ingalls, the children and I shall power on.  We will survive our manless estate during these record low temperatures.  I will brave the weather so my kids can sled down the small hill in our front yard.  I will throw salt on the driveway and shovel away some of the snow.  I will churn the butter and bake corn bread from scratch…

Okay, I’ll probably just rip open a box of Mac and Cheese.  I’m more of a modern day Ma.

And we will likely spend most of our day inside where I pray the children do not eat each other alive.  If you try to call later and I don’t answer it’s because I’ve locked myself in my bedroom and curled up in the fetal position.

Hopefully all our together time looks like this:


Happy and Gettin’ Along:


We’ll drink hot cocoa and eat the oatmeal cookies that Landon and I made yesterday:



Yes, we will enjoy this snowy morning and we will gather before a roaring fire when the wind chills dip to dangerously low levels.  We will read books and eat cookies and watch movies.

It may not be so bad after all.


  1. I think we will probably head outside in about an hour or so since they say that it isn’t suppose to get any warmer as the day progresses only colder. We too will have an inside day where we will be in our jammies or really comfy sweats. I am making Chili for dinner when it is this cold out I need something warm to warm my bones, oh yeah and drinking lots and lots of hot chocolate.
    See you all soon?

  2. Sounds like a great snow day to me!! Courtney is on her way to pheniox too. Maybe they r on the same plane! Hope u survive the day 🙂

  3. We did it! We’ve had a lovely morning of playing, TV, sledding, hot chocolate and Little House on the Prairie. It’s now in the single digits outside and the wind is howling.

    We managed to get to the local park where I let the kids sled down the big hill a few times. Sloan had a blast, Landon and Tia – not so much. That’s the sort of thing that I really need daddy around for. Poor Sloan could have stayed out much longer.

    Ah well – this snow isn’t going anywhere soon – hopefully we’ll have another chance to get out there.

    Hope you’re all staying warm!

  4. Hi Kelli! I am enjoying your blog! 🙂 I really want to take the girls out sledding (they have never done it), but I too wish T.R. was able to do it with us! I am just not sure about taking them out now. I looked at the weather channel and the wind chill is -4! Looks like movies and jammies for us. We did venture to the gym this morning, so we got out for a little while. :)Have a good afternoon!

  5. Thanks Julie! You too. 🙂

  6. Oooh..I was wishing for snow, but you bring up an EXCELLENT point. If it snows, Cooper will want to go play in it. And frankly, unless it is anything beyond 6 inches, I’m not interested. Especially with the baby as a factor. So maybe I don’t want snow.

    I will probably miss 50+ degrees, grey skies and mostly rain all winter long when we one day move back to good ol’ St. Louis!

    Glad you had fun!


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