Baby Number 4

Well, it finally happened. It was inevitable. I really wanted it to happen, although the urge got stronger over this past year.  I’m grateful that my husband was willing to do this for me and for our family, too.  He’s a good guy.

 My family has expanded.

Everyone – meet Lucy.



Isn’t she pretty?  Lee gave her to me for Christmas.  I had grand plans of him wrapping it up and me opening it on Christmas morning because I think it’s important for the kids to see us opening gifts from one another, but once I got my hands on my precious I couldn’t give her up.

There’s a hidden lesson in that somewhere.

The kids saw us setting it up anyway so I just explained that daddy gave mommy her present early.  Yay me!

I seriously am in love.  And so I’ll keep this short so I can go explore all that Lucy has to offer.  And she has a lot to offer!  She’s real perty.

So I’ll leave you with photos from our first Christmas this weekend, which we were blessed to celebrate with Lee’s parents.  I’m so sorry to neglect you all like this, but a shiny new laptop tops creative posting.  I’ll be back tomorrow!  Lucy has promised to make me a better blogger.  I trust she’ll not fail me.


  1. Can I just say I’m kinda jealous of Sloans transformer? Ha, lucy is really pretty!

  2. Jealous over here.

  3. Note to self ” thou shalt not covet thy neighbor” :{ darn

  4. candy martin says

    Should I be concerned that I caught you stroking Lucy and talking ever so softly to her? Just kidding. You deserve it and will put her to good use!

  5. dude…you totally freaked me out ’cause I was only half paying attention when I clicked on your blog and saw just the title. Wow….glad it’s just a computer! I mean, ahem, a fabulous blog-improving work of art. 😀