Attempt Number One – Meh…

I am attempting to overhaul our eating habits.  In general we don’t eat terribly unhealthy, but I have gotten very lazy in my food preperation in the last several months, to where I’ve found myself feeding my kids endless amounts of already prepared, processed food that tends to be cheaper and easier to fix.

But I, myself, have felt very sluggish lately.  And I’ve already told you about my severe hormonal imbalances, which are also causing stomach issues.  I need to detox my diet a bit and I need to help my children understand that healthy food can be good.

It can, I swear!  Ah – if I can’t convince you guys, I’ll never convince them!

I haven’t gone to the grocery store for awhile because I’ve been trying to get all the food I’ve previously bought out of the house first.  Yesterday, however, when I opened up the refridgerator and a couple of moths hit me in the face, I decided it was time to hit the market.

I stocked up on a lot of fruits and vegetables.  I tried to buy foods that were either gluten and wheat free or low on the glycemic index.  I bought Almond Butter and Almond milk (I also bought cow’s milk, but I will use it sparsely).  I stocked up on almonds and walnuts and dried fruit, which I plan to mix together to make a trail mix that my children will most likely NOT love.

I bought grass fed beef and hormone free chicken.  I bought Salmon, which I plan on taking one bite of and then promptly giving the rest to my husband because…ew.

I also bought a box of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate dipped peppermint cookies because it jumped in my cart and I could not for the life of me put it back on the shelf.


So – I came home, put away the bags of beautiful, colorful groceries, placed my paper bags in the recycle bin (organic whole foods and recycling?  GO ME!) and prepared lunch for the kids.

What did I make, you ask?

I made Gluten Free Brown Rice pasta and I added some sauteed bell peppers (my kids love green peppers) a little bit of Olive Oil and a little bit of cheese.  It was scrumptous.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the kids agree…



Those were their plates after they left the table. 

I was all, “Mmmm…Isn’t this delicious guys?”  And they were all, “No.”

Okay, so I didn’t have very high expectations.  My kids, in general, aren’t a huge fan of pasta.  But I hoped the colors and the cheese and the all over beauty of my healthy creation would lure them in.  Not so much.  They did eat the Organic, whole yogurt I gave them, though.


I wonder how they’re going to feel about the Almond Butter and Honey sandwiches that I will prepare on Gluten Free bread for dinner?

Any guesses on how long this dietary change of ours will last?


  1. Good for you, Kelli! I would have eaten it! 🙂 Well, minus the cheese. With Emmy having to be dairy free, I have had to be very creative. Almond milk is WAY good, in my opinion. 🙂 The cookies should be a hit, right?


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