My shy little goofball

Today Tia got to wear her costume to school.  She’s Princess Leia.

She has been so excited about it all week.

This morning, she put on her costume an hour before we had to leave and asked that I take her picture:

Halloween '09 046

She was most excited about her “for weal” Princess Leia hair.

Halloween '09 044

“Thsee mom?  I wook just wike Pintheth Yay-ya,” she said.

When we got in the car to go to school she asked me 100 times if I remembered her Princess Leia hair.

When we arrived, I secured it to her adorable little head and in we marched.


Someone laughed and told her she looked adorable…

And someone else told her she looked just like her older brother in that wig…

And someone else clutched her chest and grinned as she walked past…

And before we even made it to her room, Tia yanked the wig off her head and thrust it at me.

“I not want to wear it anymore,” she said.

And no amount of assurances that people were only smiling because they thought she looked cute would convince her to put it back on.

So I fashioned her hair into two pigtails and sent her on her way sans wig.  Then I went to the lobby to wait for her class to return and show off their costumes and sing us a few songs.

Halloween '09 047

Apparently she went to the bathroom before coming out to sing because her dress was tucked into her pants.

Halloween '09 049

And instead of singing the songs that she’s been so boldly performing for us at home, she sucked on her finger.

Halloween '09 051

And then she got tired and sat down.

The End.


  1. LOL, awesome!

  2. Cute! Claire is going to be Pocahontas and we too have a wig that she is going to wear, we will see how long it stays on. Friday is her Sing, Parade and Party day at school. She is too has been asking all week how many more days!

  3. Oh, I do miss those days at preschool!! I still remember the day Sloan was the dinosaur and faced the wall the whole time;0 Tia is sooo cute, even without the wig. She did look sooo much like Sloan in that pic with the wig on!! Good times!

  4. awesome

  5. Oh sweet, sweet Tia!!! She’s a precious little goofball- that’s for sure!:) Joshua and I were talking about coming home for Christmas this year and I was TRYING to explain the white elephant party to him…the only sensible thing he took away from the conversation was that he was going to get to hang out with S and T…so I sure hope we do it…and I sure hope you guys are there…because my little boy has a seriously good memory and will be most disappointed if doesn’t get to hang out with his STL buds.

  6. melissa cable says

    first, tia definitely looks like sloan with that wig on, and secondly why didn’t you just put tia in that wig when Sloan cut her hair?

  7. Melissa – HA! Don’t think I didn’t consider extensions at the least.