A fun little conversation

I don’t have much for you today.  I’m so busy working on this Saturday’s St. Louis Interactive Festival that I haven’t had much time for anything else.  Oh, and my internet was down all morning.


Please, if you are interested in attending the Interactive Festival, I encourage you to do so.  We have some A-HA-MAZING speakers lined up.  Seriously – top notch folks.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the St. Louis Bloggers Guild site and read for yourself.  Every day this week, I have been writing out descriptions of each panel and giving you the bios of all our speakers.

It’s FREE to attend AND your registration includes breakfast, lunch and beverages!  What a deal!  You should come!!!

M’kay – moving on…

I had an interesting little conversation with Tia this morning as I got dressed.  It went something like this.

Tia: “Mommy, I wike your undawear.”

Me: “Thanks, Tia.”

“Tia: “Who buyed dat for you?”

Me: “Nobody – I bought it for myself.”

Tia: “You buyed your own undawear?”

Me: “Yep.”

Tia: “Well, who buyed you your pants?”

Me: “Nobody.  I bought these pants for myself.”

Tia: “Why you buyin’ you own cwothes?”

Me: “Well, when you get to be a grown-up, you just usually buy your own clothes.”

Tia: “Dat woody thtinkths, Mommy.” (That really, stinks)  I fink dat sounds bowing (boring).”

Me: *pause* “Well, it does kind of stink doesn’t it?”

Being a grown up is so boring…


  1. That is so cute. 🙂 Kaiya has been saying the word “boring” just slightly out of context a lot lately too. And I love it.

  2. so cute! Brooke notices the little things like underwear, too. Girls..Chase has NEVER commented on my clothes, I guess I try not to let him see my underwear if I can help it;{

  3. I love it, love it, love it!!! How I would like to be around that precious, only, adorable little Stuart girl.

  4. I wish I could attend the event. I love such things!
    Katya is so cute… Being an adult is really boring… How much fun our kids add to this boredom.

  5. Ha ha ha ha! I tell Cooper that Daddy bought it for me (even if I bought it myself) because Daddy makes the “big bucks”…he he he he…