I filled my Word Quotient

The proverbial “they” say that on average women speak roughly 20,000-25,000 words per day while men speak anywhere from 8,000-12,000 per day.

Thus the importance for women to have good girl friends.  Our husbands – they’re great.  But, you know, we ladies need to have time to talk incessantly without the recipient of our conversation glazing over and slipping into a coma.

Thus the reason I love “rendezvous” weekends with my college girlfriends.  I am blessed beyond measure to have friendships with ladies who are likeminded, funny, fashionable (they helped me out with my wardrobe this weekend) and who, no matter how long or how far apart we’ve been, can always fall right back into the same fun, loving friendship that dominated our years at Baylor.

I love these ladies.

I am positive that we fulfilled our daily talking quotient this weekend and we likely banked a few hundred thousand words.  We talked from morning to the wee hours of the night, fully enjoying one another’s company.  It felt as if time hadn’t passed by at all. 

Never mind that between the five of us, we have 14 children. FOURTEEN.   That actually gives us more to talk about! Yeah!  I’ve known these women since I was 18.  We shared so many dreams and hopes back in our college days and it’s so fun to see many of those dreams and hopes being realized and lived out daily.  These relationships are unique and special and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Jillian, we missed you so much.  There was a piece of our group noticably missing.  hopefully it will work out next year...

Jillian, we missed you so much. There was a piece of our group noticably missing. Hopefully it will work out next year...

Upon returning home from my lovely weekend of movies, pedicures, massages, shopping and talking, I had a minor panic attack at all that needed to be accomplished in my sweet little home.  First off, apparently the house threw up while I was gone.  So, you know, I’ve got to deal with that.

Secondly, Tia started preschool yesterday and since I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t leave everything until the last minute, I was up half the night Sunday night searching for all the forms and information that I needed to give the school so she could officially start.

But doesn’t she look precious?

Summer '09 183

I’m finally able to sit down and do a bit of writing today and that’s a good thing because I am behind on several projects.

So today I will be hunkering down, trying to piece the house back together and tap, tap, tapping away on my trusty computer in the hopes of making a dent in the long To-Do list sitting on my desk. 

Put up a post on my blog? Check!


  1. Glad you had a good time! Tia looks adorable!

  2. We do need good girl friends to spend the time with, the ones who undestand us perfectly, who are easy and comfortable to be with.
    And we need such weekends to relax and get a new breather to return to our daily routine. Glad you have spent a lovely weekend with your dear friends.
    Tia is amazing. Such a cutie in a beautiful dress and a nice bow holding the bag with her name on it. Congratulations on her first preschooling days!

  3. How can it be that our only granddaughter is old enough to start school! Tia, you look so big with your school bag, and cute dress and bow. We hope you had a great first day at school. Call us sometime and tell us what is your favorite thing to do at school. We love you so much, and we know your teacher will love having you in her class.
    Papa and Bebe

  4. Melissa Cable says

    ok, so when you zoom on that pic, my lazy eye fake eyelashes are sooo noticeable, and my boobs resting on the table, priceless, hey if you have any other pics could you fwd them me or do shutterfly so I can buy them. Love and miss you greatly.

  5. Glad you had a great weekend! When will guys learn that “girls just wanna have fun??”

  6. Melissa, you just made me snort water out my nose. Um, I hadn’t noticed your boobs or your eyelashes in that shot, but now everyone else will! That, unfortunately, is the only picture I got. I’ll send it your way. I think rachel might have gotten another one or two. Love ya! 🙂

  7. I’m glad you had fun! I get a girls weekend in November, I can’t wait! 🙂
    Tia looks adorable as always! Did she like school?

  8. Erika,

    She did like school…a little. This morning she told me she doesn’t want to go because school is boring. After a little probing, i figured out that she just misses being hoime with Landon. This surprised me. I think she’ll get to where she really enjoys it though. Thanks for asking!

  9. I missed you all so much! I thought of you guys all weekend, prayed for you, and wondered what fun things you were doing! Unfortunately it was imperative that I stay here – my new job is crazy right now! Anyway, I’m so glad to hear a little piece of the weekend I missed. You are all so precious to me. BTY, Tia looks adorable. She’ll love preschool once she gets used to it. Love you!


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