Happy Birthday to the Hottest 35 Year Old I Know

Ten years ago today, Lee and I were in the beginning days of our courtship.  As we picked up a cake to take to the K-Life house where he lived and worked, I boldly proclaimed, “Wow! You’re half a decade old today!”

I was a Professional Writing major folks…a Writing major.   

Despite my horrible blonde blunder, Lee still married me.  And I’m so glad he did.  I’m so glad we’re growing older together.  I know, I know…35 isn’t old.  But it is older

I love you, Lee.  And yes, you absolutely looked wiser upon waking this morning.  35 looks good on you!





  1. Happy Birthday Lee!!! You didn’t mention it was your bday while down at our house yesterday. I guess guys don’t do that, like girls:) Enjoy your day. And for some words of encouragement: you will always be younger than Mike and I, so if you ever start to feel old…I’m just sayin. Love ya!!

  2. Happy Birthday Lee!

  3. Happy birthday to your wonderful husband! You are such a beautiful couple. It’s a blessing that you have each other and three cute children. God bless your life!

  4. Happy birthday Lee!! Love the pictures, especially the first one!!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Lee!

  6. Happy Birthday Lee!! Hope you have a GREAT day! Love the pictures especailly the second one.

  7. Kelli,
    I know how blessed you feel! As Lee’s Mom, I know how wonderful and precious he is, and always has been. I always knew he would be a wonderful husband and father, and I think he has the perfect mate for him. Thanks for loving him so much, for appreciating him, and for allowing him to be who he is. You, too, are a blessing and I love you both very much, and most of all I thank you both for the precious grandchildren you have given us.

  8. Happy birthday brother! Great pics!