American Idol and other stuff

So I’m kind of enjoying talking about American Idol on Wednesdays.  It’s an easy topic idea that requires little thought – and I’m all over that which requires me to use minimal brain power.

So here it goes, and this is going to be brief because I’m tired today: I did not love Danny, especially the beginning.  I did like Kris and actually really enjoyed the big band feel to the song.  

I don’t understand the judges sometimes – make it your own, and then a contestent does and they yammer, you made it too much your own, blah, blah, blah. 

Li’l appears to have run her course on the show.  Scott is a doll but I think even he knows he’s on borrowed time.  Anoop did well last night but he still rubs me the wrong way so I didn’t love him.  Allison was good, but really?  What does a sixteen year old know about making someone love her?  That was a little weird.  Matt rocked it out.  He was crazy good.  And Adam, well I don’t know because the show went over and my DVR cut off.  It would appear from Simon’s reaction, though, that he did very well. 

In all, a pretty good show.  And I’m sorry my recounting of it is so dry.  I was up almost the entire night with Landon who is indeed sick.  Remember the awesome hugs and snuggles I told you about yetserday?  Yeah, it was a fever.  So I’m tired and feeling lazy today.  Don’t these kids know that mama needs her sleep?

For  a more entertaining version of events, visit Boo Mama’s site.


  1. My TIVO cut off Adam’s performance and I felt conflicted by it. I am not a huge Adam fan, but I do like to see what craziness he does from week to week. Here is his performance from last night if you want to watch it, he did a REALLY good job!

    I still love Matt though.

  2. Adam was great!