Minivans are HOT!

One year and four months ago, I became a minivan mom.  It was a necessary step.  I was roughly 15 months pregnant with Landon and there was no way on God’s green earth that three car seats were going to fit into my SUV.

Lee and I sat in the grey-walled room of the car dealership and worked out the details of the sale with a very kind man and all the while my stomach churned.  I mean, it’s just a car.  It’s no more than a mode of transportation, right?

Then why was it so painful to transition to driving a minivan?  I asked this question many times in the weeks following our purchase (that and why in the flippin’ world do minivans cost so daggum much?)

After Landon arrived, I had to admit, the van was extremely convenient.  Especially given the fact that Sloan figured out quickly how to buckle his own seat belt, thereby making our transition from home to van much more manageable.  And we stuck with the standard black minivan with a grey interior because somehow, in my distorted little mind, that seemed just a little bit cooler.

Today, I am very resigned to my status as a minivan mom.  I even completed the look by arriving to my son’s preschool several times this year still in my pajamas.  Niiiice.  Might as well look the part, eh?

You see, the problem is that my mom was a minivan mom and, well – no offense mom – but she was my mom.  You know, the older more mature, wiser woman in charge of guiding me through the waters of life.  Certainly I’m not old enough to be in the position.  It was only yesterday I was heaving a loaded bag of books across Baylor’s campus, worrying about my impending finals.  How did I become that mom?

But alas, I am that mom.  There’s no way around it.  I have three babies (the oldest of which is no longer a baby and preparing to enter elementary school!  Don’t even get me started on how I feel about becoming a PTA mom)  And, I gotta say, as much as circumstances permit, I am rockin’ the minivan. 

So here’s my encouragement to all you minivan moms out there struggling with the stigma.  Your minivan doesn’t lower your cool factor – oh no.  You, my dear friends, drastically up the minivan’s hot factor.  Minivan’s don’t define us – we define them!  And I say they’re hot!  Can I get an Amen?

Welcome to my blog.


  1. wanida maertz says

    loving the beginnings of something wonderful. and anything about minivans, hotness and you, is wonderful.

  2. candy martin says

    But I was a cool mom in a minivan. Don’t you know that minivans did not become HOT until I started driving them. And I prefer to think that I was wiser and more mature, not older!

    • Well of course you were wiser and more mature. You’ll notice that I very carefully did not use the term “older.” I know better than that…

      • Oh wait – scratch that last comment! I did call you older. Turns out I don’t know better. HA! Oops…

  3. Lovin the new website!! I am so excited to actually KNOW someone who has their own website! So cool!!! Loved your story. I feel the same with driving my Hyundai…..yikes, who’d a thunk it! I, too am guilty of pulling up to said preschool mmany a times in my jammies. God help us if we get pulled over, wreck or run out of gas in our pjs, no bra, makeup and husbands flipflops!!!! Can’t wait for more on your site!!! Good job Kelli!!

  4. We have had our minivan for over a year and a half now and I LOVE it. I don’t know what I did before I had it, it is unbelievable how much more room I have now. I was one who never thought I would have a minivan, but as a mom of 2 little ones, I am proud to say I have one and they are great.

  5. O.k., Kelly. Have to leave a quick testimonial about our minivan purchase: so I’m going back and forth between the Honda, Toyota, and Kia dealerships last year. And the guy at the Kia dealership asks me this question with a very serious face – “To make your decision easier, let me ask you, which one of these minivans are you passionate about?” Really, I mean really? Did you just try to tug at my emotional core by asking me if I’m passionate about a minivan purchase? Buddy, if you’re selling minivans on the “passion” quotient, you need to find a new line of work. Having said that, now that we are cruisin’ in our Odyssey, I’ve got to say that I’ve become pretty passionate about it. But I reject the notion that it was the salesman that got me passionate. It’s all about the “stow and go” seating – Sweet! I can fit 8 people (and they don’t have to be skinny) in that baby and we just recline the seats, hit the streets, and creep. That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout. Oh yeah, recently saw a bumper sticker that said “Respect the Minivan”

  6. I want a minivan! Do they have “Hot Grandma” vans?

  7. Candy martin says

    This grandmother a.k.a. Byshka, once again has a minivan with 3 carseats in it for the grandkids! I just took the carseats out again today Kelli.

  8. carol prosser says

    The “coolest” and by far the “hottest” day was the day you came to “Family First” in your pajamas!!
    I must say, you really do look “hot” in your minivan – even in your pjs in the carpool line. And I must also say you are such a YOUNG mom!! (Because if you aren’t a young mom I must be ancient!)


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