Per Request

Here are a couple of pictures of Sloan’s kickin’ new do. It’s a little hard to see, but the sprouts of hair sticking up on the side of his head are the result of his homemade haircut. His face says it all…


  1. Stuart Fam says

    I remember my Mom breaking the brush on my hiney after I cut my own hair. Some things you never forget!

  2. It doesn’t look bad at all! I think you are blessed it isn’t worse 🙂 Jonathan’s friend cut his own hair and ended up with a very unhappy mommy and a buzz. I’m hoping Jonathan learned his lesson from that episode…but you never know!

  3. not bad at all…thanks for posting pics!

  4. annawanamaker says

    hey, this is becke’s friend anna (i met you at tjmaxx one time :)!!) that’s a great post, and the one before it about the doctor was so sad!!! i hope your babies get to feeling better!!!