Tell me about it boys


Last night, Lee and I assumed our positions on the couch the jar of Nutella between us for a little relaxation in front of the television.  Since LOST went off the air, we just haven’t been able to get into another show.  We liked Glee for a little while, until it became an over-sexed after school special and we gave up on it.  I was into Grey’s Anatomy until it turned into a political commentary on all the hot button topics so I gave up on that one too.

It’s hard to find good TV…

So most of our television watching these days consists of channel surfing.  We do this for 20 minutes, get frustrated, flip off the TV then pile up in bed with our copies of FRIENDS, which we got for Christmas.  Now that was good TV!

Last night, however, we missed out on watching FRIENDS because Lee ended on the Syfy channel where Star Trek XXVVVII was playing.  I have to confess, I don’t get Star Trek.  I have never understood the fascination with it.  It’s campy and corny and the acting is bad and… Apparently I don’t have enough testosterone to get it.

So can someone explain it to me?  Because when I asked Lee to explain the fascination, his eyes widened and he looked at me as though I was a Cling On (seriously, I don’t even know if I spelled that right…) Klingon.

“It’s just awesome,” he exclaimed, flinging his hands up for emphasis.  “It’s so cool.”


Why again?

I watched for a few minutes as Captain Kirk (James Tiberius – I learned that much from the two minutes I watched) and the doctor (don’t remember his name) were placed on trial by the Cling On’s Klingons for the assassination of the Great High Chancellor, which, of course, Kirk and WhatsHisFace did not commit.  They were, in fact, trying to save the man’s purple blooded life.

And then I learned that Kirk’s son was killed by a Cling On Klingon.  Just typing all that info, I felt my estrogen levels drop a bit…

But alas, I grew bored pretty quickly.  I did find it fascinating that Kim Catrall of Sex in the City notoriety was on the good guy’s ship (The Enterprise?  Is that Star Trek or Star Wars?).  That was all I found really, really interesting though.  So tell me about it boys.  What’s the fascination?

I don’t want to leave out the women who enjoy Star Trek, either, so if there are any of you who are heavier on the estrogen that still enjoy watching the show, fill me in.  Help me understand.

Because I just don’t get it.

Lee didn’t come to bed until after the movie ended last night.  I wanted to ask him how it all turned out in the end.  Were Kirk and WhatsHisFace put to death or were they ultimately proven innocent?  But I just didn’t really care all that much and I was really tired so I smiled and mumbled May the Force be with you.

And may it also be with you.