In which I get all political again

I know, I know…politics-ugh.

But it’s worth noting that I am extremely proud of Massachusetts for their historical election yesterday.  That was an election that affected our entire country and I know I am joined by many when I breathe a sigh of relief that the balance of power has been shifted.

I do not believe that any one party ever deserves to have such a majority in Washington.  I know those people were voted into those positions, but there should be limits on how much weight one party can carry.  Because when the balance is too lopsided, the American people suffer.

I don’t like being bullied.  I don’t like being told that this thing which we are doing is what’s best for you when I know for a fact it is not what’s best for me, my family or my neighbors.  I don’t like being painted as uncaring or selfish because I am opposed to a universal health care bill that I am certain will fail and will leave us further in a financial rut.

It doesn’t mean I don’t grieve for the families who don’t have health care.  It doesn’t mean I think the system we have now is squeaky clean and doesn’t deserve a face lift.  It doesn’t mean I’m heartless.  All it means is that I don’t think that universal health care will work and I don’t support the bill they are trying to pass.

President Obama came into office promising change and hope.  I did not vote for him, but I desperately wanted to believe him one year ago.  I wanted to buy into the ideal that he set before us.  I wanted him to succeed.  I really did – because if he doesn’t succeed what does that mean for our country?

Unfortunately, I believe all that he set before us were nothing but ideals.  His inexperience in leadership has shown itself in epic proportions throughout this first year of office.  He’s a master orator.  He’s appealing.  He’s young, energetic, handsome and seems like a fun guy to be around.  But he has some growing to do in the area of leadership.

I don’t want a dictator.  I want a leader who’s going to listen to the people and truly do what’s right.  You can’t please everyone, I know this.  But when a vast majority of the people are opposed to something, it’s time to step back, take a breath and reassess what you’re doing.  That would not show weakness – on the contrary, that is leadership.  It’s time to step up and quit being a mouthpiece and truly lead. 

And so, with the historical election of Scott Brown, my prayer is that Washington will receive the wake up call that was issued to them yesterday.  We the people won’t be bullied.  We won’t be told what’s best for us-especially when it pertains to the care we receive from our health professionals.  We are smart, we are educated, we know what’s right and we won’t passively walk into an inferno.

The government was never meant to be a giant wheel turning and manipulating the country into what they believe to be the perfect ideal.  Our government has derailed big time – they are too big and too involved.  It’s time to step back and give us back the freedoms that the founding fathers intended us to have.  We the people want Washington’s support.  We don’t want them dictating our lives.

Wake up, Washington.  I am middle America and I am tired of being pushed around.  It’s time for everyone out there to put their big boy pants on and be the leaders that they promised us they would be.  I will be waiting in hopeful anticipation.

I am an idealist, but I have very realist tendencies.  We’re in a fight right now and it’s a fight we must win, for our children and for the generations to come.

And thus ends my political rant.  I will now commence talking about New Kids on the Block and my children.  Sighs of relief heard all around.