I learned something about myself today

It’s not totally outside of my capabilities to be organized!  I mean, I’m not a sloth, nor am I completely unorganized.  But in certain areas of my life, I’ve always assumed that I wasn’t created to be one of those “think ahead” kinda girls.  But today I totally thought ahead.

It, um, wasn’t that hard actually.

We leave in two days.  TWO DAYS!  And while I have a million things spinning through my head of what I need to do to get myself ready for a ten days adventure, I also have a gajillion things running through my head of what needs to be done for the little people I am responsible for on a daily basis.  Namely, feeding them while I’m gone.

I am not a bake meals and freeze them ahead of time gal.  In fact, I don’t know how to make a single casserole.  And if I did, I am most certain my children wouldn’t eat it because they’ve never wrapped their lips around a casserole in their lives.  So sorry to my parents and in-laws, but I’m not that organized. 

Baby steps.

But, take a gander at this:


That’s food, food, glorious food!  I shopped today and stocked the freezer so full I almost couldn’t close it.  There’s chicken, beef, fish, frozen vegetables, chicken nuggets, waffles and pancakes in there.  I even bought popsicles and ice cream – two things I never buy – so that you guys could come out on top and be the good guys.

How awesome am I?

Now, check this out:


Milk, juice, fruit, eggs, enough bread to feed the state of Rhode Island, yogurt, lettuce and pickles.  I even restocked the ketchup and barbeque sauce, which have been low/gone for weeks. 

Ah, but that fridge is but the icing on the gigantic cake of awesome!  Check. this. out.


That is an entire cabinet filled with no less than 75 snack baggies all individually filled with a variety of goodies from cereal to trail mix to the ever popular Cheez-Its.  Just grab and go.  No thought, no preparation.  If I were like this more often, folks, my life would be so much easier.

Of course, I would hate to deviate too far from the half crazy world I live in.  If I were really becoming organized I would survey my cabinets before heading to The Walmart.  If I did this I’m most certain I wouldn’t end up with this:



In case you’re wondering, that’s four bottles of Paul Newman salad dressing in the first picture and ten cans of tuna in the second.  Why so much tuna?  It’s hard to say given the fact that we don’t really like tuna.  Lee likes it and he will eat it…when he remembers to since it’s hidden in the cabinet next to the trash can.

Top of the list for our next house?  A Pantry!

The Paul Newman makes a little more sense.  It’s the only dressing we eat and we eat it on just about everything.  Wanna spice up the chicken? Paul Newman.  Wanna add some pop to your beef? Paul Newman.  Wanna fall in love with cucumbers? Paul Newman.  Four jars, though, is a bit excessive.  Again I blame it on the lack of pantry.  Two of those were hiding behind the tea cups and I only found them when I was moving things around to prepare the snack cabinet of awesome.

So parents?  I thought ahead just for you.  I prepared something just for you.  Not a meal, although I may make a pot of spagetti tomorrow for you to have on hand through the weekend.  (Mostly for you – the only kid who will touch spagetti around here is Landon.  Tell me, please, what kind of kid doesn’t like spagetti?!)

And now I’m going to rest my weary head upon a pillow because tomorrow’s project is to tackle the nasty surface called a floor in our home.  Don’t look too closely at that last picture, you might be repulsed at how we are living (but only for about 12 more hours!)