Remember When


Remember when you were a kid and the world was a playground worth exploring at every turn.  That was awesome.

Remember when you got off the school bus and mom had a plate of hot chocolate chip cookies waiting for your consumption – or, if you were my brother, she had a plate of bologna cut in triangles and a slice of buttered bread?  That was special.

Remember when there was no such thing as the internet or cell phones and people actually spoke in person and developed real relationships? It’s sad that I can actually answer yes to this question.

Remember when you could play in the snow for hours on end and actually come in sweating because you were just. having. so. much. fun?  That is totally bizarre and foreign to me now.

Remember when you had an imaginary friend who seemed so real that you had play dates at night after you drifted off to sleep?  And you woke up in the morning thinking about the fun you had.  Um…yeah, me neither.

Remember when you sat in your mom’s lap and cried so hard you could hardly breathe and she just held you because there was nothing else she could do?  That stays with you.

Remember when you met your true love for the first time and you “just knew?”  I am one of those people this happened to and yes, I believe in love at first sight in the sense that you can feel an instant connection and supernatural awareness that this is The One.

Remember when you had your first kiss and you felt like you were twirling on clouds?  Oh how I love the innocence and sweetness of that memory.

Remember the first time you experienced heartache so deep you had to remind yourself to take another breath?  That memory never leaves.

Remember when you held your first child and somehow you felt as if you’d known him/her all your life?  Makes me want another baby. Lee keep breathing, babe.  I’m just dreaming for a minute.

Remember when you got married and you couldn’t imagine life being any sweeter?  I do. 


Remember when you were a kid and you ran so fast that your legs couldn’t keep up and you tumbled down in a fit of laughter?  I would love to feel that again.

Remember when life was easy and uncomplicated?  Yes.  For me it was called college.

Remember when you thought that easy and uncomplicated period of life was sooo hard and soooo complicated?  Still college.

Remember when we tried to be understanding of one another’s faults and short comings and we weren’t quick to judge and maim someone who made a choice different from our own?  Wait – has that ever happened in society?

Remember standing by a lake skipping rocks over the water with your dad and feeling safe?  I love these memories.

Remember when your night began at 9:30 and you still had the power to function the next day?  That ended when I had my third child.

Remember when you watched a movie that so deeply impacted you that you had to remind yourself it wasn’t real?  This generally happens when they are either realistically frightening (which I can’t watch) or painfully sad (also tough for me to watch).

Remember when you watched a movie that made you laugh out loud without reservation?  These are the best kind.

Remember when you could read a blog post and someone didn’t ask you a frillion random questions over and over? 

I’ll stop now.

What are some of your favorite memories?