The Spoils of His Booty

Last Saturday, Lee and I joined sweet friends at an auction/fundraiser for their kid’s school.  We spent the first hour and a half perusing the silent auction items, wishing we had the money to bid on every item and reminding ourselves that we’re trying to sell and buy a house so keep your hands to yourself and don’t get into a bidding war because By God you might win!

When our friend Lauren, a sophomore at this high school, offered us the chance to purchase tickets giving us the opportunity to play the game Heads or Tails we decided this was a fun way to invest in the school without feeling guilty later.  So we bought two tickets for forty bucks.

And we were happy.

Midway through the auction, as we were sitting on our hands not bidding on items and trips and others such delights, the game of Heads and Tails was introduced.  Everyone who had puchased a ticket stood up and had to choose: hands on your head or hands on your…tail.  Lee chose tail, I chose head.

Tails won.

And on and on it went with Lee doing his best to read the odds and somehow managing to choose right every time.  And then it was down to two – Lee and another woman.  Being the gentleman that he is, he let her choose first.  She put her hands on her head, he put his hands on his backside.

The coin flipped and spun in the air, glittering and giggling as it danced back in the palm of the MC.  He flipped it over on top of his opposite hand and slowly pulled his hand away as one of the teenagers stepped forward to read the results.


Everyone cheered.  I had a minor heart attack.  Lee turned red and laughed and nodded his thanks then came back to our table to sit down as everyone congratulated him.  “What are the odds?!” I said.  “Well, they’re 50/50,” said a man across the table.  Hardy, har, har…

“So what did I win?” Lee asked.



It’s a terrible picture, but that there is our brand new iPad!  We are now the proud owners of a Mac product and we feel terribly cool because of it.  The kids are certain we won it for them and Lee has quickly come to realize that he actually won it for me.

This totally beats an oversized stuffed carnival animal.

So given that Lee won this by holding onto his backside, it’s safe to say his booty is a bit of a lucky charm.  Go ahead and rub it for luck next time you see him, if you want.

I’m kidding!  Don’t do that.  That would be weird and uncomfortable for everyone involved.