Magic Monkey on the Wall

We have a naughty little Monkey in our midst.  He’s mischevious and sneaky and you never really know where you’ll find him.  See for yourself:





Sometimes this mischevious little monkey convinces the stuffed bear to join in on the antics and we find them together on the shelf.


Thus far, however, he hasn’t been able to convince Old Monkey (aka, Steve) to climb with him.  Steve just doesn’t have it in him anymore.  He’s a little over three years old.  In Sock Monkey years that’s 104.  He also has a bum arm and leg…



There are squeals of delight multiple times a day as we discover where New Monkey has settled himself.  “I fink he must be awive!” they cry. 


We’ve tried to catch Monkey in the act of swinging and climbing, but he’s just too clever.  As you can see from some of the pictures above, we’ve almost caught him.  We’ve seen him mid-swing more than once, but he always manages to freeze before we can get to him.


Yesterday they were determined to keep Monkey in their sights all day in the hopes that they would see him move.  But wouldn’t you know, when they turned their backs for one second he managed to scamper up on top of the fridge!


Silly Monkey.