Do you ever wonder?

Do you ever wonder if, perhaps, we as Americans have gone to far with our freedoms?  Do you ever wonder, when you walk inside a church that looks more like an amusement park than a house of God, if maybe we’ve lost sight of what faith is?

I do.

Do you ever wonder if maybe we’ve made church a little too exciting for our little ones?  Do you ever wonder if maybe they’ll grow into adulthood and not know how to worship unless they’re being entertained?  Do you ever wonder if we’re short changing our kids by not exposing them to the beauty and theology of the hymns?

Do you ever wonder why we feel we need to put on a rock concert in order to make church exciting?

My friend, Joe, recently posted this article on his Facebook page.  I found it both hilarious and fascinating.  And by the end, I was a little sad.  Do you ever wonder if we’ve made church so much like the world that we leave our young people with very little challenge to be separate of the world?

Do you ever wonder if American consumerism has, perhaps, gone just a bit too far?  When you walk inside a church and are immediately faced with a Starbucks, do you wonder if maybe those things should be kept apart?  Do you ever find the blending of the two a little uncomfortable?

Do you ever wonder if maybe the very thing that is our greatest strength in America (freedom) has, perhaps, also become our greatest weakness?  That maybe faith has become a little too easy?  Do you ever wonder what those who sacrifice everything in the name of faith must think when they see that we can sacrifice nothing for the same faith?  Or is it the same faith?

Do ever wonder if we even have the ability to possess the same kind of faith as those who suffer true persecution?

Do you ever wonder if maybe church has become a little too easy – too…comfortable?  Do you ever wonder if you possess strength strong enough to truly make a difference in the world?

Do you ever wonder any of these things?

If you do, what is your response?