All Hoity Toity…You Know Da Type?

The title comes from the movie, Newsies, spoken by the adorable Christian Bale as Jack Kelly.  Just a little useless entertainment trivia for you – I’m full of that sort of information.  Today, I am feelin’ all hoity toity.

I’m sitting in the cafe at Lifetime Fitness with my little HP Mini 1000 feeling like a rock star diva while sipping on a healthy smoothie.  The internet is down at our house and so I came here to get away from the kids to get some work done.  I really think I might cry when I have to send this computer back.  It’s so fun! and, unfortunately, I did not win the laptop on the Momlogic contest, so all hope has flickered out – at least for the near future. *sigh*

Honestly, though, while I’m a little disappointed, I’m not all that upset.  I have spent some time the last few days reading posts like this, and those stories do amazing things to one’s perspective.

Lee and I are very blessed. Blessed beyond measure, really.  When I look back and see the way that God has provided for us in the past, in times when it didn’t seem that we were going to make it, I am humbled.  Because even in those moments, we were surrounded by good things.

We have so much.  We have our own health and the health of our children. We have amazing parents and siblings, such a godly network of family, that surround us with love and joy.  We have a home and working cars and more food than we need (much more food than we need)!  I mean, it’s just so much.

And it’s time to share.  I grew up with parents who gave and gave and gave.  My parents opened their home to anyone who needed it.  They gave money where it was needed. They sacrificed time for the benefit of others.  And I married a man who loves giving as much as they did.

Over the years, however, I am ashamed to admit that Lee and I got lost in our quest to make and earn and acquire and we forgot the simple joy of giving.  This past year, we went through the Crown Financial Ministries class and were reminded, once again, of God’s desire for us and the way we use our finances.

So we began praying. And the Lord laid people on our hearts and we, grudgingly at first, gave.  And it was a wonderful feeling.  So we gave a little more.  And it  was even more fun.  And we realized that giving really is more fun than receiving, as cliche as that may sound.  And so, we’ve been impressed to give just a little more.  And we’ve been praying about where we should give.  And after reading the stories and seeing the photos from the Compassion bloggers, the Lord answered that prayer.

If you haven’t read any of the stories from the Compassion trip to India, I highly recommend it.  It’s astounding the power that ministry is having all over the world.  Lee and I are excited to sponsor our own child through Compassion.  We’ve been praying about it for several months and we finally feel like the time is right.

And I am so very excited about it…