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We drove through gorgeous countryside today. Looming mountains painted against vibrant blue sky, palm trees swaying in the breeze as rows and rows of banana trees buzzed by our windows. The landscape was marred only by the absolute poverty that dotted each hillside.

Tin houses stand testament to the fact that Dominican Republic, though beautiful, is very much in need.

We did what little we could today to help meet the most basic of needs. We fed children a hot meal. We sang songs and played games and taught them the very basic importance of taking care of their teeth. We showed them how to brush and floss and through an interpreter explained the reasons why we need to take care of our teeth.

Then the dentist in our midst calmly looked in each child’s mouth and, with the permission of their parents, pulled teeth that were so rotten they caused intense pain.

There is nothing magical about what we’re doing, nor is it really all that inspirational. We’re just meeting a need – an easy need. Food, hygiene, love, laughter and at the end we told them why.

We love them only because Jesus first loved us and He loves them because He’s God.

If you know of anyone who needs to see love today, don’t hesitate to act. Don’t wait or think about it or even “pray” about it. Just do it. Look for the needs, the ones near and the ones far, and do something. I’m saying this to you, but I’m also saying it to myself.

And when you do it, take your kids. They’ll surprise the heck out of you.


To read more about the people at Servant’s Heart Ministry who are leading this trip, and who are meeting the basic needs of hundreds of children in Dominican Republic, click here.


  1. You’re making me cry already! Love you!

  2. So happy you were able to connect to the internet and share today’s story with us!
    we all love you all…

  3. Thanks for the update and pictures 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing about your day of ministry in the DR! As I’ve been reading my textbook for my new “Intro to Global Missions” college course, I read an article tonight that talked about sharing God’s love, not when we love someone, but because God first loved us. This article talked about the fact that we should share the Gospel out of our love for God. I was reminded of this when you spoke in this post of how we should act quickly when given the opportunity to share God’s love with others. Thanks again, and we’re praying for your family’s time in the Dominican Republic!

  5. A great reminder that lives can be changed, our own and others, through the simplest of actions driven by the purest motivation made possible through the Spirit. Thanks for your and Lee’s faithfulness in being there and modeling for your children, my grandchildren, faith in action and showing what matters most in our lives. You continue a Cooper family legacy in being there that honors your grandfather Jim Cooper, who you all will meet in glory. He will be so proud to introduce you to the Saints, just as I am proud today of you and Lee and the kids. God is Good! Love you. Squeeze the kids for me!


  6. candy martin says

    My heart is so full reading your blog. I am so proud of all of you. Sloan, Tia, and Landon will always remember this. I am praying that it will be stamped on their hearts and they would continue to have a heart to serve others. Can’t wait to see them and hear their stories.

  7. LOVE. That’s all!

  8. As much as your post and pictures tugged at my heart it was your parents comments that about did me in. What a blessing and encouragement your parents must be. So excited you all are getting to show God’s love as a family!
    Love you guys!

  9. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments. So encouraging. A special shout out to my parents for being awesome! Love you all back!


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