Playing Hooky

Image taken by Avodah

Today, this girl and I are blowing off school and heading to Busch Gardens. We could have done this after school, or on Saturday, but there’s something about skipping school to have a fun day with Mom that’s extra special.

Sometimes playing hooky is the right thing to do.

Sometimes they need you all to themselves.

Sometimes they need to know that time spent alone with Mom is fleeting and special and a little bit exciting.

Sometimes they just need to see that building a memory is more important than reviewing spelling words.

Sometimes playing hooky is right because I want them all to know that family is fun and life is an adventure and it’s okay to get away now and again for no other reason than just to have a good laugh. I also want them to know that this is not something that we do all the time and it’s only to be done with Mom and Dad’s blessing and involvement.

Sometimes you just need a break. Today I get my break with her and her alone and we are both giddy with excitement.

What are you up to today?


  1. PERFECT! Enjoy the day!!!!

  2. What I like about you the most is how you love life. You are amazing, my friend!

  3. So did you have a super spectacular day with that princess of yours?
    Mother nature is just not playing nice this year. We about froze at Nathan’s baseball game last night. The wind chill was in the upper 30s this morning. My heat was running. It’s late April in central Arkansas. that is just wrong!

    • Oh I am so sorry. We had a blast yesterday. She is my roller coaster child so it was fun for both of us! 🙂 She kept saying ” This is so much fun!” Love it and love her!

      Now, I hope that YOU guys can thaw out soon. You’re going to end up losing out on spring! 🙁

  4. That sounds like a lot of fun! And, good gravy, you are gorgeous! 🙂

    • Well now I’m blushing. 😉

      It was a lot of fun! There were no lines, we weren’t rushed and we could do everything she wanted to do at her pace. It was kind of awesome. 🙂

  5. I hope you’re comfortable with being a trend setter. After a piano student’s parent admitted she’d just spent the day playing hooky with her son, I opened up your blog yesterday and saw you’d done the same. Thinking you both had the right idea, it was my turn with Andrew today… and it was GLORIOUS! No roller coasters for us, but we had a blast anyway. Sometimes is so good to do the unexpected with just one of your kids. I still remember those memories with my own mom and can recall exactly the morning she decided that a trip to Disney was wayyy more important than that Wednesday of 8th grade. Such good memory making.

    • Yes! I love it – especially the one on one at an unexpected time. Makes it mroe special. I’m glad you and Andrew got your time. When school is out, I want you guys to come over and swim one afternoon! 🙂