Isn’t She Lovely?

This GIRL, you guys. She is changing so much!






I heart her.


  1. we heart her too! Give Tia a huge hug from all of us.

  2. She is amazing in so many ways. Like her Momma!

    Dad aka Boss

  3. Aunt Pat says:

    She is truly her Mama’s daughter.

  4. Your blondies always stun me with their innate blondness. 🙂

    And that’s not meant to be a dumb joke.

    • Hehehe…well, she *does* on occasion, um…act like a blonde.

      But yeah? People pay lots of money to try and get hair that color. 🙂

  5. She’s too cute!

  6. Very cute, I live with two blondes….I see trouble in your future.

  7. Happy Birthday Tia!!! We love you !!

  8. Sadie was photo bombing. I meant to add these are great shots, Kelli.

  9. Stefanie A. says:

    She is a doll baby!!! We love her too!!!