Isn’t She Lovely?

This GIRL, you guys. She is changing so much!






I heart her.


  1. we heart her too! Give Tia a huge hug from all of us.

  2. She is amazing in so many ways. Like her Momma!

    Dad aka Boss

  3. She is truly her Mama’s daughter.

  4. Your blondies always stun me with their innate blondness. 🙂

    And that’s not meant to be a dumb joke.

    • Hehehe…well, she *does* on occasion, um…act like a blonde.

      But yeah? People pay lots of money to try and get hair that color. 🙂

  5. She’s too cute!

  6. Very cute, I live with two blondes….I see trouble in your future.

  7. Happy Birthday Tia!!! We love you !!

  8. Sadie was photo bombing. I meant to add these are great shots, Kelli.

  9. Stefanie A. says

    She is a doll baby!!! We love her too!!!