Would you consider sponsoring a child from Compassion International today? Your small investement yields huge rewards and gives children freedom from extreme poverty and the confidence to dream.

Would you do me a favor and just take a peek at this page? Look at these children and pray for each one by name. As you pray, would you open your heart to being the one who steps out in faith and gives them a hope for a future?

It’s blogging month at Compassion International and bloggers across the internet have chosen to unite their voices to rally for hope. Extreme poverty is not the end for these children and those of us who are blessed with abundance have the opportunity to take part in miracles. Having travelled to Tanzania with Compassion just four short months ago, I feel like the words and the memories are still so fresh. The smiles and the laughter of the kids still rings in my ears.

I listed every post from my trip to Tanzania here so if you would like to learn more about how child sponsorhip can change a life, look through those posts and journey back through the dusty roads of Africa with me.

If you have any specific questions about Compassion International or how sponsorship works, feel free to ask them in the comments or to email me at kellistuart00 (at) hotmail (dot) com. Thanks, everyone!


Are you involved with Compassion International? How has child sponsorship impacted you?


All photos taken by Keely Scott


  1. These photos always make me cry. Beautiful, beautiful.

    I praise the Lord for Him leading us to become involved with Compassion. That small $38 a month commitment scared me at first, but I had no idea that we would be so blessed, so changed since that day in 2009.

    I love Compassion. I love our big beautiful Compassion family. I hope I can travel and see Compassion at work in the field some day. Perhaps even hug a few of our beloved CI children…

    If you’re on the fence about sponsoring, I hope you’ll take that step of faith. It is SO worth it.

  2. Yes, we have 2 kids that we sponsor through Compassion. We are adding one more from our recent Homeschool Super Heroes. We are using 10% of the recording sales to sponsor another child. All of ours are in South America. I hope to visit some time.

  3. It’s my dream – make that goal – to get my photography biz going strongly enough to be able to pick up another sponsorship.

    Realtors tell you that when you show your house you should remove all kids’ photos and artwork from the walls and fridge. I’m leaving the photos of our 3 sponsored kids on the fridge in hopes of inspiring someone.